Where Was Windows Mobile at WWDC 2009?


In a write up nonchalantly titled "Lies, damn lies, statistics, and Apple...", our good friend Phil Nickinson over at sister-site WMExperts rightly points out that Apple gave Windows Mobile a full on shunning during the WWDC 2009 keynote:

Windows Mobile isn't even mentioned. Sure, Microsoft hasn't yet launched its dedicated app store, Windows Marketplace for Mobile. But that doesn't mean there aren't stores from which to buy apps – ahem, here's one – and it's an insult to all of the developers of the 20,000 Windows Mobile applications available.

Windows 7 did get a mention (and a ribbing, as usual, from OS X head Bertrand Serlet), but in the smartphone space...?


That might seem callous from Apple's part -- but here's the worse problem for Microsoft: Windows Mobile was missing from a lot of post-WWDC analyst and media commentary as well.

Apple still owns significant smartphone mind-share and the Palm Pre has captured the attention of the blogsphere and, since RIM is holding fast, that's coming at the expense of Microsoft (and maybe Android, which was last year's next big thing).

Realistically, with so many platforms now, when someone writes "Apple iPhone and..." "BlackBerry and..." and now "Palm Pre and..." there's only room for so many others in the sentence, and those places are becoming increasingly competitive.

With Windows Mobile 7 pushed out until 2010, and 6.5 not in consumer hands yet either, and with iPhone 3G S about to hit, things might not be changing any time soon either...

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Reader comments

Where Was Windows Mobile at WWDC 2009?


Windows mobile wasn't mentioned because they were comparing the number of apps in the major smartphone OS app stores. WinMo hasn't rolled out their apps store so the didn't mention it.

I think they mentioned Microsoft enough with Exchange.
It's was Apple's time to shine. They didn't want to keep bringing up that " other " company unless they had to.
Maybe it could be that Microsoft doesn't have any new competitive products ?

So now this battle between OSs in Apple's eyes has come down to the number of Apps?
Let's be real most of the Apps on the App store are Games, fart or beer apps, or totally useless. If they are not that then they are crippled apps that Apple has locked down. Don't look to the App store for productivity suites, it doesn't do that well. And it doesn't do multiple apps at a time either. I am not sure where Apple's head is but this number of apps in the App store is a moot point until the open up a bit for developers and develop a UI and OS that does multi tasking.
Til then keep hating Apple and talking about your App store.

windows mobile phone are not that bad. Like people think. I had two the one that I had were good to me. I had the blackjack 2,and AT&T tilt. Than the nokia n96 both company are good and one strong thing that they have and I think that people would agree is (SKYFIRE). That the best web browser that I have seeing. The iPhone browser is good but to me skyfire is better cause of flash. But any ways it's comming to the blackberry bold and I have it can't wait. But windows need to get things right. And I have the iPhone 3G so i'am wating for the update and try it.

They also showed the Palm column as, I'm guessing, exclusively webOS? The conveniently left out the old palm platform. Yeah, it's old, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. If they really meant Palm and not webOS, that number should have been around 32.5k according to PalmGear's site.

They also showed the Palm column as, I’m guessing, exclusively webOS? The conveniently left out the old palm platform. Yeah, it’s old, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

They didn't mention it because, like win mobile, they are irrelevant. The also didn't mention apps for the Newton or my old Commodore 64. They happened too.

In reality the App Store is pretty much on par with Android. There aren't really 50,000 apps in the store...there are at least 45,000 crApps made by children looking to make a quick buck. Or about 40 of the same news/rss reader but each gives one source.

I use an Iphone 3g. And I don't consider it a smartphone. It is a spectacular feature phone but it is not a smartphone by any means.

Apple needs to get off the high horse of making fun of Microsoft and Windows Vista/7. There are several reasons why making fun of Windows is bad:
a) In the commercial Apple commercials... they say "Hi, I'm a Mac and I'm a PC.". We all know that Mac is a PC as well, PC = Personal Computer and not Windows or Mac or Linux.
b) Apple tried making Snow Leopard to be some great OS (going to get it because $29 is really cheap), and how Windows 7 is bad because there isn't tons different then Windows Vista. Isn't Snow Leopard only a bit different in terms of architecture and the way they do things under the hood? That's pretty much the same as Windows 7!
All in all, you Mac fan boys need to grow up and stop hating on Microsoft just because it's the cool thing to do. I used to hate on Apple as a Windows user, but I am using Apple, Windows and Linux and I love them all for different reasons.
Apple is just using Windows 7 as a distraction for not a ton of new things being released.

They didn’t mention it because, like win mobile,
they are irrelevant. The also didn’t mention apps
for the Newton or my old Commodore 64. They
happened too.

Well, if we get to include things that are not and were never cell phones, I'm also totally incensed that they didn't include a bar for applications on my toaster oven.
The Treo line of phones however, which are likely still used by far more people than the Pre, can run most if not all of those applications. Just like Windows Mobile, it's a mobile phone platform with lots of applications that people still use.
My original point, and the point of this whole discussion, is that Apple just decided to leave stuff out that didn't make them look extra awesome. Had they included the two other major smartphone platforms with downloadable and installable applications, their graph would have looked far less impressive.

a) PC = Windows in the eyes of the average user. and that is why Apple is differentiating between a PC and a Mac.
b) True, Win7 is not much different than Vista and Snow Leopard is not much different, in UI at least, than Leopard. BUT, Apple's argument was not only focusing on the fact that Win7 and Vista are similar. It was focusing on the fact that they are similar while while Win7 is built on the same bad foundation as Vista (regs, dlls, etc...). On the other hand, Snow Leopard and Leopard are similar but SL is built on Leopard's foundation which is much stronger and better than Vista's foundation.
I'm not justifying Apple's arguments; just trying to analyze and understand the content of the argument.

palm os has well over 30,000 apps. if apple didnt count duplicates its down to about 25000 real apps.jus be fair when stating facts

@Jeff an gquaglia
I agree. This slide shows a pretty slanted view. The number of available apps are only counted if they are packaged into a Store? That's a highly selective way of looking at things.
Apple, I was downloading apps from Handango and Palmgear wirelessly directly to my Treo 600, 650 and 700 long before you even HAD a phone available!
Other than jailbreaking my 3g, how ELSE do you expect me to do this on my Apple?
Jason- The Most Attractive Man ALIVE (In Kankakee County, wearing a blue shirt between the ages of 37 and 38 who owns a 3G)

Windows is vastly different from Vista with tons more features. It also has a extremely small memory footprint and requirements. If I wanted to I could run 7 on a 2000 AMD athlon 1.2 ghz with 128 MB ram with no hiccups.
Snow Leopard is little more than a service pack.