Withings Pulse O2 keeps tabs on your oxygen levels

Withings Pulse O2 keeps tab on your oxygen levels

Withings has announced a new health band called Pulse O2. It does all of the usual stuff, like monitor steps, heart rate, elevation, distance traveled, sleep habits, and estimates calories burned, but the really cool feature here is the ability to monitor the oxygen level in your blood. That information is estimated from the infrared heart rate monitor, then beamed to your phone through a companion app. The device itself can be mounted in a wrist strap, a clip, or carried around separately.

As promising as this looks, fitness bands are a tough business to get into. Not only is the plenty of competition, but established players like Nike seem to be backing away from the market.

The Withings Pulse O2 will be available to buy for $119.95 here. Do you already have a fitness band? How much health data do you need to track on a daily basis?

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Withings Pulse O2 keeps tabs on your oxygen levels


All wristband devices have their pros and cons. I have the Jawbone UP24, and while it works well, some people have issues with it.

I don't expect much in terms of accuracy. I think of it as my scales vs the doctors office. They might not agree, but I know if I am going in the right direction or maintaining consistency.

I don't NEED 02 monitoring.

I have the original Withings Pulse... and could not be MORE EXCITED that they will finally be releasing a wrist strap for what I already have! This has been confirmed by Withings to me via Twitter! Love my Pulse. Great little pedometer and the app for it... a great benefit!

Lame, Simon. Thanks for the lack of context in this plug to sell this product.

O2 saturation monitoring isn't going to vary much--unless you have ARDS, COPD, emphysema, anemia, pulmonary embolism, sleep apnea, shock or pneumonia. lol (VO2 Max is more important to athletes and this device doesn't measure that.)

Most people who work out--even those "out of shape" ones who can breath normally--are going to register 98-99% O2 saturation at rest and above 90% during exercise. If you smoke habitually, numbers for resting and exercise will likely be lower. This data isn't very useful unless you're wearing it as a medical device... So I guess knowing your O2 saturation and how many calories you burned are good if you have shock or sleep apnea. lol

American Association of Critical Care Nurses Procedure Manual for Critical Medicine: Oxygen Saturation Monitoring by Pulse Oximetry: http://www.aacn.org/WD/Practice/Docs/ch_14_PO.pdf

Question? on your new Withings Pulse O2, when the warranty has expires does Withings Pulse O2 have replaceable batteries when it no longer take a full charge? Or is it set up like most of all of the other disposable wearable fitness device to be trashed? If the battery is removable and replaceable, How much would it cost to purchase a replacement battery?