WordPress for iPhone Now Available

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For those of you waiting for another blog editor other than TypePad, WordPress users rejoice! WordPress for iPhone is now available from the iTunes store for free! Word came this morning from TUAW that the native app would be available today. You can read more about the application here

This app allows you to manage several blogs, create and edit posts and even upload photos to your blog directly from your iPhone. This is a strong competitor to TypePad's offering, especially since WordPress is free, though they do appear very similar. The one function WordPress for iPhone does this is unique is the ability to preview a post. Check out the gallery below!

Sadly, it's not all wine and roses blog posts and galleries here at TiPb, something about our server isn't sitting right with the app, it crashes on configure. Ah, full size computers: we wish we could quit you.


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Chad Garrett

Software trainer, blogger and mobile technology enthusiast living in the suburban Midwest.

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WordPress for iPhone Now Available


Out of 4 blogs I set up, 1 crashed the app (TiPb -- we're too powerful for mobile apps!), 3 setup fine, but 2 sent strange updates to Twitter at login.
Reminds me of a very light Mars Edit Mobile...

I was glad to see this finally in the App Store. But, as with most other apps, plagued by crashes in iPhone. ARGH
On a plus note, very simple and easy to use interface. I like being able to post to specific blogs and upload pics with the post.

@ Chad -
Sorry to hear the app isn't working for you.
A couple of things to know and try:

  • Make sure you have xml rpc enabled
  • Try adding the app in 3G or Wifi mode
  • Any plugins installed that may alter XML formatting of the XML-RPC response ?

And feel free to contact me directly to help troubleshoot.

Competition is good, it's always for the benefit of the user. I'm glad to see WP entering the moblogging market with this application, even though it doesn't look as polished and stable as TypePad for iPhone.
It's no surprise since we (Six Apart) have been building mobile clients for a long time now. Capitalizing on our experience to bring good tools to TypePad users, the day the App Store opened, was not too difficult. But releasing an app is not enough, it's what comes afterwards that makes the difference.

In trying to set up two blogs, I was originally only able to set up one. This was set up at http://www.example.com/blog/. As I mentioned, this one was set up just fine. The second one would work which was just off the root directory. I tried something that Ranaan Bar-Cohen reminded me of when I setup scribe fire. I pointed the setup screen directly to the xmlrpc.php file. Worked like a charm

It occurs to me that blogs that setup right away for me use WP's default RSS, whereas here we're using Feedburner. Would that make a difference?

No luck installing the app on my iphone.
I tried to link it to my blog http://www.example.com/blog/
no luck!
I deactivated all the possible plugins. I tried to read through the xmlrpc.php file and I believe it's set on ON mode.
Any more tips Raanan? Thanks

Quick feedback:
Lack of easy-to-see segmentation between published and scheduled makes for a confusing user experience on startup.
Preview recognizes the theme for 1 blog (though some images fail), errors the theme for another blog (says it might be private but isn't), and totally collapses under the theme here for TiPb.
Also, and bewilderingly, it seems to ignore anything after the "more" tag as though it doesn't exist (on all 4 blogs I tested)?
Awesome app, but hopefully the above will be nailed in the next update!

Classy move, Six Apart guy... something tells me your criticisms of the Wordpress app are... shall we say... less than objective.

I cannot for the life of me get the wordpress app to work for me. It crashes on me during setup. My blog is hosted on wordpress.com. I think some of my errors are b/c of unicode issues. But i don't know how to correct this because i can't edit any of the code. Any help getting this setup would be greatly appreciated. Thanks