How are you following the World Cup on your iPhone and iPad?

The 2010 World Cup is kicking off (ha!) and I'm curious -- how are you following along on your iPhone or iPad? Now, like Nokia, many generational North Americans aren't as familiar with the biggest soccer/football event on the planet, but I'm sure there are tons of fans incredibly invested in just which team brings home the gold from South Africa this year.

  • Are you using Safari and staying up to date over the web? If so, what site brings you the fastest updates with the information you want most? FIFA's official site? Your local team site? Sports station? Fan site?

  • Are you using an app or multiple apps to get the game on? Which ones do the job best for you? What features make them key? Push notifications for

  • And, hey, if you have a top soccer/football game and use that to play along with the pros, throw your favorite in as well.

I just got off a plane people, I need my World Cup fix, help me (and each other) out!

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Reader comments

How are you following the World Cup on your iPhone and iPad?


I'm with Muero. Soccer, futbol - whatever it's called - blows. But I certainly wouldn't be watching the games on a handheld if I was into it.

I live in Australia, and apparently we qualified. I didn't even know we had a soccer Our whole team is European based, and haven't lived here for at least 10 years... So I've never heard of any of them, and they all speak with foreign accents o.O

Soccer?! Three %&*%#& hours of crap to see a 1-0 game. I'll watch the dust settle on my window sill- that's way more exciting.

ESPN World Cup app, tons of alerts and customization
@Real Football "World Cup" no big deal, it is only the most watched and biggest sports event on the planet

Haven't decided yet. I have ESPN's World Cup app and Fox Soccer. I don't think either has PNS but I will be seeing which I like best today. I trying to figure out if the regular ESPN ScoreCenter will do World Cup stuff.

Thanks for the app suggestion, it works. I was going to use MobiTV and pay 9.99 since i'm away from home all the time for work.

A bunch of obnoxiously whining athletes who fake injuries to try and get pity from the refs playing an over-sized game of kickball that has hardly any scoring.
I think I'll pass.

@hungWell.Soccer?! Three %&*%#& hours of crap to see a 1-0 game.
If you knew anything about the game you would know it only last for 90 minutes. And because a game may end up with a low score doesn't mean it isn't exciting

I am following it all on TV. It is a proud moment the tournament is in my country. Go Bafana Bafana (the SA Team) lets hope we beat Mexico - the anthems have just happened & opening game is about to start !!!
I tried a few of the iPhone apps but none of them was that great, I think I will stick to online sites - probably local news ones.

@Hungwell: a football match is an hour and a half long, retard.
Anyway I have a decent enough tv to watch it on thanks.

Oh Mexico vs South Africa is on. Watching two third world countries compete in a dull sport, isn't my idea of exciting! I suspect the Mexican team is playing for food, and the South Africans playing to have their families returned from kidnappers!

watching it in 3D, REAL FOOTBALL is played with feet. not hands. haha. Ke nako. who says american football is real? boooooooooooooooooooooooooo. the world loves the real football. i wonder how many people will be calling in sick these next 30 day

@ugahairydawgs you have to be kidding me. American football has became the most pathetic sport to date along with basketball.

Can anyone recommend a website or app where I can watch a live stream on my iPhone 3gs???
Please anyone!

I'm watching it live on my iPad using a slingbox and (UNFORUNATELY!!) the iPhone Slingplayer app.
come on Sling get us the iPad version of the slingplayer!! watching it upscaled from the iPhone's resolution kinda blows
@james get a slingbox

To frog and all the other real football hater loosers: you think that crap you call in the US football is a sport? And basebol? What joke...

Nice try Day Day. I'm not sure where you're from, but apparently most pathetic and most successful are synonymous where you are.
In the NFL (and college football as well), a player tries to roll around on the ground and fake an injury and the only thing that will happen is the ref will flag him for delay of game.

I alway find that the ones who hate on soccer are the ones who have never experienced the beautiful sport that is soccer because they are to damn lazy to run a around and play a game of skill for 90 mins also the world cup is not just about crowning the best team in the world but also about bringing together a divided world and people from not only the countries that are competing in the cup watch this spectacle what other sport can bring countries from every corner of the world and unite them under one single sport certainly not american football, baseball, basketball, hockey, rugby, or cricket so until you play and find a single sport that can do what soccer does for the world with the world cup every four years don't talk crap about soccer
Also back in topic I will use the espn world cup app when not home to watch the games

I watch football all the time I'm a Bucs fan and a Gator fan and I can safely say that there is not one game that goes by that you don't see players throwing their hands in the air yelling and screaming and crying trying to get the reffs attention trying to get a foul so they can get an advantage in the game and they also fake injuries to slow the game down so the their team gets a 10 min break and the trainers go out to attend to them to allow for the fat men to gain a breather and when a player does that I've never seen a ref throw a flag for delay of game it's a strategy that is used in all sports

"Are you using an app or multiple apps to get the game on? Which ones do the job best for you?"
I'll be using the standard iPhone alarm clock app along with my DVR.
I'll set the alarm to wake me up after the end of the game after falling asleep from boredom in the 10th minute, then rewind to see the 1 or 2 goals scored in the entire match.

@J1CA: well, the US team is participating. Something tells me you still don't "give a F".
"if it dun't happen in 'Merica, it durn't exist." typical American xenophobia.

I'm supporting argentina, n I'm watching live on T .v along with it I'm using the espn app to get updated with the scores n schedules...

I just finished watching the initiation game on my 3gs for free using Viewer aka Ustream. However the commentary was in Spanish but so am I :). Quality was good. I also noted a parallel stream that was in Portugese i think.

I'm an Englishman and will be supporting our team using the ITV1 app (and of course mainly watching it on BBC HD and ITV1 HD). Quick question- I find it fascinating that many Americans find soccer dull- why is that? It's a fast-paced, high-skill game. Is it just because the score lines aren't high? That said I've never found American Football particularly interesting. And why do you call the Baseball tournement "The World Series"? Only you lot play it!!

Well ugahairydawgs, it's a real shame you didn't pass on the story and the replies section. If you don't care, then don't care.

Americans probably don't like soccer because they simply suck at it. They prefer games that they play only among themselves like "football" — which should be called American rugby instead — or baseball, where there's not too
much competition.
This blog post brings 10 nice apps to follow the World Cup:
The blog itself is in Brazilian Portuguese but most apps have international versions. I particularly like "É Gooool!" because it uses push notifications to inform about goals and matches. Hopefully the language barrier won't push you away.

to those asking is the most popular sport on earth....
Yes, USA is not the only country in the world...there are about 200 and something more countries..

by the way....try to find a chubby soccer player and I'll give you 100 if you look at beisball and football...mmmm...plenty of fat players

These comments are funny. I imagine rene wasnt expecting such haters :)
yes it will be fantastic, yes the US are in it. I'm in the UK but have a few bets on with my American collegues. We're in the same group - play tomorrow so after these comments I hope to god we win !!!
Will be using tvcatchup and BBC website
watched a baseball game recently. Never ever again ! 10 minutes went by without anyone making contact bat to ball. Then it went to adverts.

We Americans (not all of us though) think soccer is "dull" because we are not terribly good at it. If the US makes it to the knockout stages you can bet a lot of "fans" will suddenly appear. Also soccer is pretty much non stop for those two forty five minute halves. Forty five minutes without a commercial break is very un-American. Look at the super bowl. I think the commercials are close to adding up to more time than the game. In this country advertisers tell us what to like. Most won't admit this of course....most of them don't even realize it.

@TheRealTruth: Very well said hahah... some comment here are incredible, the world is really fckd up.
JustinTV is alright but not 100% reliable... :/

Hockey and soccer are by far the sports in the world. Baseball and football are for americans who cant point out their own country on a map.

the world world cup is a sporting event involving soccer ( futbol to non Americans) otherwise known as the most popular sport in the world. Look into it... You might be able to find some info.....

In Australia on the Optus network, we get free (as in doesn't count towards data) streaming of World Cup matches which is nice. Haven't tried it yet, but the same thing has happened before with the Australian Open and I tried that, and it worked well.

@frog What you going on about you idiot? "I suspect the Mexican team is playing for food, and the South Africans playing to have their families returned from kidnappers!"
Maybe you should shut TF up and only open your mouth when you have something educated to say.

Yanks are funny.
Baseball and 'American Football' are completely alien to everyone in the world but you. Football (u know the sport where u only kick a 'ball' with ur 'foot') has been truly global since medievil English villagers booted around a pigs head into each others villagers.
The cultural equivalent would have been Christopher Columbus kicking around a Big Mac amongst Red Indians a few hundred years ago.
Anyway the USA and England are playing each other shortly.. Tune in, u may find u quite like the sport that the rest of the world plays.

I'm using a wonderful app called "Copa 2010", which I downloaded from the Brazilian app store. Really useful, it shows tables, game results, and minute-by-minute live updates. Text in Portuguese.

I hadn't started up maps, although had applied them each day or two ahead of but the mobile phone had been rebooted given that then. Checking within the about performance showed that maps had been the trigger of 70% on the total battery drain. Naturally I killed it, but it keeps restarting. Now I don't want to uninstall Yahoo roadmaps mainly because it really is a definitely valuable functionality and have utilized it successfully as saatnav on many occasions and observed it being a lot more uptodate and precise than my dedicated satnav. But is there a setting somewhere that I could tweak to stop it from starting up except when I start it myself? Running a activity killer over a scheduled basis and obtaining it kill roadmaps is just not a fix for me, as what takes place when I wish to use it and come across it being killed often.

There is no need to follow as world cup is over. For match highlights, I am using iObsess Highlights for iPhone. I think there is an HD version for iPad as well.