Where in the World is iPhone 3.2?


So it's November, have you seen the iPhone 3.2 beta? We've been over this before -- iPhone 2.2 beta was released on September 25, 2008 and the final version was made available on November 21. So where's 3.2?

Yes, Apple hasn't announced iPhone 3.2, so we can't really call it delayed, but then Apple never announces anything in advance -- all we have are historical patterns and market realities.

Was Apple waiting to integrate iTunes LP and iTunes Extras? They've done that for Apple TV 3.0 already. Where's the iPhone and iPod touch love?

We've already postulated what other features they could be exploring, including Google Maps updates with Latitude (and now, of course, Google Maps Navigation), but given the strained relations, rejection of the former, and brand-new beta status of the latter, 3.2 might be too early. Likewise, Zune HD competitive features like 720p video out.

With the onslaught of new Android software, like HTC Sense UI, MotoBlur, and Android 2.0, could Apple have decided to raise the level of this update? A few minor tweaks were certainly possible for a standard schedule iPhone 3.2, but would Apple delay their frequent update cycle in order to make a more impressive version?

We're not going to get our hopes up, but if Apple is getting ambitious, if Scott Forstall and team are going to "blow us away", we're willing wait. If not, then where is it?

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Where in the World is iPhone 3.2?


I'm using a 3GS on 3.1.2 and have great battery life. The battery issue doesn't effect everyone. Could bug fixes be causing the delay? Maybe, if they're particularly tough to solve, but no reason Apple couldn't have released the beta for 3.2 regardless...

No problems here regarding battery life. 3GS on 3.1.2 with Exchange Server push, CALDEV syncing and GMail via 15 minute fetch. WiFi on. Location On.
Lasts me the day easily, and I charge it up overnight...

Maybe Apple decided for 3.2 they are going to fix AT&T piss poor network so the iPhone can be used as intended.

I'd have to agree with Mephisto and Rene - 3GS on 3.1.2 here and I run almost all the same stuff Mephisto mentioned and I don't have a problem at all with battery life. I wouldn't consider myself the heaviest user but it definitely gets a beating from me.
On that note, have you done a full restore to 3.1.2? I thought I noticed a slight battery issue when I initially upgraded (though I only used it for 1 day) so I did a full restore and it's definitely just as good as it always was.
I'd also have to agree on why Apple hasn't released a beta yet?! They always seem pretty quick to do so. Though I'd be happy to wait if they told us there would be a huge UI change.

And maybe they were waiting for blacksn0w, so that they can go ahead and fix that hole in the next release.

YES. They need to add iTunes LP to the iPhone/iPodT. I have the LP version of Jay-Z album and I wish they content would be on the iPhone.
They also need to get the google maps thing but they might wait until 4.0 since that's a pretty big feature. Or they might not.
They need to add a lot more smaller features I personally think are worth added in a minor update.
- Repeat/Shuffle on the iPod Shortcut
- 3G switch in main menu.
+Search History, Searches the web, Search in text message.
+Content search. Not only titles and subjects.
- Set brightness time out
- Copy within app store
+ a section in the settings to add our own words.
+ words from apps, music artist names automatically added.
- Select a few lines instead of an entire block of text in SMS app
- record phone conversations using Voice Memo App.
These are only a few of what I've kept record of.


Um, no mention of fix for battery issue?

Here's a few...

  • Don't use iPhone while sitting at a computer doing things that the computer can do.
  • Get out and live life instead of playing games all day.
  • Go home to watch a two hour movie, instead of watching it in a friends basement on the iPhone while that friend spends the same two hours texting another friend.
  • Find other things to do instead of staring at a gadget all day. Life is short.

There. Your battery will last all day, and you can also enjoy life like a normal person does. :roll:

Rene you're forgetting that 2.0/2.1 firmwares were disastrous. I almost gave up the phone entirely because of the lockups after installing apps, or the risk of the apple-logo-of-death when you would restart (which required a full phone restore afterward. You might've gone through 5 restores a week), apps crashing, etc.
It wasn't until 2.2 did things get stable enough for the phone to be completely usable. 3.0 is a much more stable firmware so Apple is now able to take their time designing new functionality.

I'm hoping they turn on the radio feature with the next release. I hate seeing features like this missing on the iphone but present on the nano.

I would love to have the free google maps navigation upgrade, google is saying that they're working with apple to intergrate it to the iPhone.

What battery issue?
I want Google Navigation. Not interested in Latitude though it would be nice to have it anyways.
I want Spotlight to search my bookmarks like it does on my Mac

"They need to add a lot more smaller features I personally think are worth added in a minor update. - Repeat/Shuffle on the iPod Shortcut - 3G switch in main menu. -Spotlight Search History, Searches the web, Search in text message. Content search. Not only titles and subjects. - Set brightness time out - Copy within app store -Dictionary a section in the settings to add our own words. words from apps, music artist names automatically added. - Select a few lines instead of an entire block of text in SMS app - record phone conversations using Voice Memo App."
I HIGHLY agree with you OmariJames. Well said. Those features right there would hold me loyal to the iPhone for months upon month upon months. Just about until the preview of iPhone 4.0 and the all new .~iPhone Magic~. are shown. Lol iPhone magic is just a quick nickname. But again those features in one update would be awesome.

Question: What if Apple completely stopped new development on the iPhone. How long would it take before people stopped buying it? I bet the fanboys would still have the 3GS in 2015 and swear it is still the best.

I know Apple has a winning formula with the iPhone, but I think the UI is starting to feel a little old. When the iPhone first launched, there wasn't anything at all like it. Now, there is legitimate competition and I think Apple needs to raise the bar again. Being able to tout their superior App store, with it's 10 billion apps (the majority of which are useless, of marginal quality, or redundant with other apps) isn't enough anymore.

@Littleroot I had the battery problem and it took a lot of test to fix it. I tried at least 10 different solutions but finally I did a restore on my phone and input all new info, didn't use a backup to restore info. When I used the restore and backup same thing battery drained quick, some setting are most likely making it use processor power all the time. Battery life is good now.
@fastlane sorry those solutions will work for some people but there really is a problem on some phones. I went to get my car serviced and thought I would surf the internet, had a full battery and it was gone in one hour and that wasn't all internet time, 20 minutes was talking on the phone. Some days I would lose 50% of my battery just using the phone for about 20 minutes, I had all settings like location services, bluetooth, wifi and push email off. This went on for a couple of weeks and tried multiple settings and restores till finally I did a restore without using any old settings.

I hope they put a cancel button for our message app. Ex: wrong person or wrong word you sending to someone. We can have a cancel button to ethier edit or cancel the message.

I agree with Omari, and have said this myself in the past, that there are tons of small things that can be added before a new phone comes out. I still want that drag-able scroll bar in Safari... or at least move the "tap to jump to top" on the left side, and put a "tap to jump to bottom" on the right side.
I doubt Apple would implement a call recorder without including a warning that the other party could hear immediately after it was enabled (at least not in the U.S.) which, in most cases, would defeat the benefit of having it (for protection reasons, anyway).

I want Google Nav!! If Apple and Google were not having such problems, I would say that we would get that in 3.2 since we got street view in 2.2. If the iPhone gets Google Nav will TomTom be kicked out of the App Store for duplicating functionality?? :P I also really like the dockable modes that the Droid has. I've always wanted the iPhone to become an alarm clock and speacialized media player while on the dock that I have. The Droid has a very cool implementation of this that I'd like to see implemented in the iPhone.


If the iPhone gets Google Nav will TomTom be kicked out of the App Store for duplicating functionality??

No. Just like all of the note apps, voice recorder apps, SMS apps, and landscape keyboard apps haven't been kicked out.
Tom Tom will just add the option to make the roads purple and the text orange, then they'll be safe. We need more and more redundant apps... 100,000 isn't enough.

Text message cancel, using the home button to end calls, more landscape (app store, maps), non slip back, better file transfer support to and from iPhone. But I'm nitpicking.

Using the home button to end calls would take away a huge functionality to iphone. Being able to use your phone and scroll through everything while being in a call. I might not need to go through my phone every phone call, but sometimes the person I'm talking to asks me something and I need to look it up. Hit the home button, and now I can find whatever.

@Joe McG
Apple is no Microsoft u know. If history is any indication, the iPhone platform has seen many updates, relatively speaking. So yea, stop being old and grumpy. it shows. Besides, if u hate yr iPhone that much (assuming u own one lol and u r not just a troll), get rid of it and go back to WM. it suits yr mentality better ;)

@Joe McG
and no, Apple fanboys wouldn't use the iPhone in 2015 and claim its the best. Only Microsoft fanboys do that. using XP 10 years after its release (or Win2000, 12 years after release) and still claim its the best. Somehow, I have a feeling that u know exactly what I'm talking about.

for @Joe McG
I wonder if Apple closed if Joe McG will still be on comment sections calling everyone a Fanboy in 2015. At least you get a lot of attention Joe McG, you must be living the high life.

reply to text messages from the popup!
it is absolutely insane that i have to close whatever i'm doing and launch messages just to reply to a txt. incredibly frustrating and totally unnecessary.
if this could be structured in a way so that other applications using push nitifications could also take advantage of it, even better, but quick-reply to txts is just silly for apple not to implement.

I think we need google nav definetly, the ability to end SMS messages after you send them, and definetly a new UI, it is getting old.

I think Apple has something up their sleeves. One thing that drives me crazy that should have been implemented since day one was the ability to quick reply SMS. Leaving an app is insane everytime. I read an article a few months ago stating that they were revamping the mail app. That's needed like right now. I also think they should have a better notification process on deck. People are getting antsy.

We need something soon! I'm bored with the ui and the andriod ui looks pretty nice... Let's see how Apple responds to the increased competition.

You need to jailbreak your phone and download something called BiteSMS. You'd love it..

The battery life on my 3GS is actually pretty good, I also have a 3G both jailbroken and the 3GS lasts a whole lot longer. Even when the two phones had the original software, the 3GS was wayyyy better with battery life and I also did way more with it.
I think the hold up with 3.2 has something to do with Google's strained relationship with Apple. Who knows, maybe in the Next Gen iphone and next gen OS we may not see google Maps on the iphone, which would be kind of stupid on Apple's part, but we will see.
I really hope they blow us away with huge changes to OS 3.2, but I kind of doubt it. They have to save some of the goods for the next Gen Iphone that will probably be released in Jue or July of 2010. All we can do is sit and wait.

I definitely really want a quick reply for SMS messages, a new calendar app, integrated mailbox, a scroll down button in safari, customizeable ringtones/alerts, etc. Flash 10.1 support =], most importantly: a renewed UI and a snappier/faster OS overall.
At this point Im thinking 4.0 is way more likely to fix my woes than 3.2.
Go apple!

ipod player control bluetooth profile update google nav land scape view in home screen while better for me to multi task while driving

How about something like the Palm Pre's Synergy platform? Or Gmail push that doesn't force me to setup Gmail as an Exchange account?

I second what Tora Says (November 3rd, 2009 at 8:49 am). For Apple iPhone to start truly pushing into the Corporate market it really needs to improve http proxy authentication support for all its apps. Case in point is that since OS 3.1 the YouTube app http proxy code changed and now doesn't work through proxy, authenticated or not, giving the "Youtube not available" error. Shame cause the Exchange integration works well. Fingers crossed.

Some things i would LOVE to see in the next upgrade...

  1. Pop up reply for SmS... i've used it in jailbreak and i love it but i cant in 3.1.2 cuz my phone goes into recovery but im surving.
  2. MORE SMS RINGTONES! It's sad how in a room of 25 people if one iPhone sms ringtone goes off, atleast 3 other people look at there phone because they have the same ringtone.... plz apple! More sms!!
  3. T by T direction? Maybe?
  4. Better battery support. I bet you they are working on it now but that would be nice.
  5. Everything landscape... even the home screen that would be nice.
  6. Folders? Apps that can go into individual folders would be nice but idk if i like the folder idea now that we have the iPhone search tab.

I for one am waiting longingly for the update because I'm having a lot of problems with the current software so I'm hoping that 3.2 is gonna fix the network loss issues.

FM receiver and transmitter! The hw is in there, and I don't want Kensington et al's cable tangle.

Yes, EVERYTHING NEEDS TO WORK IN LANDSCAPE MODE, Home Screen, Settings, 3rd party apps! Where is the video out of the FULL iPhone OS Home Screen, apps and all!?

I'd love the ability to delete SOME of the recent callers in my call list...like most other (supposedly)smartphones can currently do now. I'd also love the ability to beam my contact info, via bluetooth, to a non iPhone user. Is this too much to ask?!

The iPhone really needs to fully support calendar attachments in emails etc!
I do get alot of invitations and there are .ics files in the emails, but i can't add them to the iPhone calendar!
It would be nice if you could use the phone without need to sync the calendar with outlook etc...
Also why not add a backup/restore utility that you could use over WIFI or a VPN connection to the company/home, accessing a SMB/FTP share or similar! It would be nice to have a basic secureity with the possibility to recover the calendar and contact information!
Without the need to subscribe to a service or sync to a local computer...
Some basic audio editing tools and advanced features in the voice recorder would be nice to have the same about the video and photo apps!
Finally! "Even smaller fonts" in diffrent views would be nice to have........
When do we get OS 4.0 ?

It would be nice to have a find word ability wen browsing on safari via iPhone. Maybe showing up an option by copy or select all.

flash player and should be able to set themes w/o hacking it and get rid of the 3g restrictions go to www.blackra1n.com to hack ur iphone/itouch go to the bottom of the page and click on the sign of the computer u r and the program does the rest

This update must be huge... I can't wait to see what Apple will add to the iPhone OS... Perhaps better bluetooth functionality, FM radio enabled, more possibilities to manage on-the-go music playlists (create/edit), iCal week view plus invitations (.ics), Safari downloads (as well as Youtube...), customized (features) on the lockscreen (number of unread emails, weather, etc.), new api's to allow faster responsiveness when getting a push notification (twitter, missed calls, etc.)
A lot of ideas will give us a better update ;)

Custom Repeat in Calendar!! Why doesn't the iPhone have the ability to make a custom repeat cycle like you can in iCal?? I can't schedule something to recur every week on M, T, F?!?!? My 13 year old Palm Pilot could..

New notifications!!! I don't CARE about customization, just give me a notification system that wont interrupt my games or work!!!!!!!

Id like to echo the calls for quick reply sms. I use Irealquick, and it works okay but has some bugs. Some kind of UI customization would be nice even if it just like 2 or 3 themes to choose from. The blue popups are old. How about a way to have the ipod, mail and safari apps close when u are done with them so they dont use all of your memory ( ya i have a 3g)? sb settings lets me close the processes but it would be nice if there were a setting that would do it automatically upon close at least for mail and safari. I guess it would just be nice if i didnt have to JB to get the functionality i want out of the iphone.

there probably gonna release like 3.5 in january with majorrr fixes on lots of stuff and lots of new features


If the rumors of the special event in January are true, I bet that's when they'll release iPhone 3.2

I have a Droid Eris and Sinse i got it my iPod touch has become a little dull. I realize really how boring the home screen is. Just 5 pages of rounded squares. I would really like Widgets to become a part of iPhones/iPod Touches. I also would like the droid's ability to jump back to the last 6 apps you have used added to the iPhone.
One last thing that i have wanted for years now on my iPod:
with the iPod you are constantly going to settings to connect to wifi and i change my brightness very often as well. If Apple would make this faster by adding it to the menu bar or a shortcut of some kind that would be great.

My iPhone 3g on 3.1.2 is giving me major problems in terms of performance after the insallation of the aforementioned software and it's been three months of living hell ever since. Even if I have some airtime on the phone if I try to make a simple phone call it says I've reached my call limit I should recharge,I get a lot of missed calls and lately I can't send SMS and mms msgs anymore. Not to mention the major network strength loss issues. May I shouldve just bought a iPod touch because this is what this phone has been reduced to. I need this 3.2 update,to fix these problems.

It's been months now and Apple hasn't released any information on this update. I would have expected something very small to be published as of late but nothing! And its the new year! I'm waiting patiently apple!! I fear the next update will come out when the new iPhone will come out...in May or June!

You know now that I think about it apple will probably announce it at their meeting on the 26th or maybe they are going to go straight to 4.0 because of the itablet.

I agree with everyone but one thing I would like to see is apple giving us the ability fully customize our iPhone with having to jailbreak and unlock our phones. I jailbroke and unlocked my old iPhone 2.0 and it makes my 3gs looking boring. The technology and ability is obviously there but when will they let us do that freely with breaking our warranty. I think apple could really profit from this which could include themes, widgets, custom sounds, custom homescreens, and custom iPod player and etc.

The main thing I want in this spectacular update is, themes and customization. I'm talkin quick menus, FLASH PLAYER, new safari designs, new icon dock, or old one perhaps ( the one I prefer ) So, what's apple gonna do?

Please allow Bluetooth transfer, from phone to phone on iphone 3gs.its really sad a phone like iphone 3gs doesn’t allow you to send photos videos and music using Bluetooth transfer future, all phons got it, even the old crappy ones, so why not iphone 3gs? I know what you going to say, you will say we blocked it because of piracy on music videos photos games apps ringtones, downloaded from iTunes, well is it that hard to encrypt the content downloaded from iTunes? i don’t think so. You can stop us from transferring content downloaded via iTunes and app store, but you have no rights to stop us, from transferring our own content like videos photos to our friends via Bluetooth transfer future. You realise by not allowing Bluetooth transfer, you are encouraging iphone users to jailbreak their phones, and in other words you are supporting piracy. Also about custom ringtones? What’s up with that? All phones out there allow us to set songs videos as our ringtone, so why not iph one 3gs? Do you really call this a SMART PHONE??? It doesn’t even allow GIFS animated pictures. I am so sad and disappointed that i got i phone 3gs,i should have gone with Nokia N97. Have a good day apple. If you stay like that you will not stop piracy.

Hmm iPad is now out and apparently running said 3.2 and still no sign of the iPod Touch and iPhone update... This is most frustrating and insulting.