Would you want to buy a larger than 9.7-inch iPad? [Poll]

There's a rumor that has been doing the rounds suggesting that a 13-inch 'iPad Maxi' could be on the cards for 2014. While we're pretty skeptical over any accuracy at all on this one, it does raise an interesting question. Should there ever be a larger than 9.7-inch iPad, would you want to pick one up?

There's an obvious, if niche, market for a larger display iPad. Folks with a design-centric profession for example could be appreciative of a larger display, as could medical professionals, or even schools. More room to view, more room to do, and still retain an air of portability over something like a MacBook.

And then there is the MacBook range to consider. Apple sells full laptop computers from 11-inches through to 15-inches, and while the touchscreen could be a bonus to some, iOS just doesn't have the raw computing power of OS X.

So, what say you, the iMore readers. Would a larger iPad appeal to you? What aspects would make it a compelling option? Or, are you of the opinion that you would just pick up a MacBook? Throw a vote in the poll above and drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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Would you want to buy a larger than 9.7-inch iPad? [Poll]


Seems pointless. The iPad is the size that it is, the aspect ratio that it is, for a good reason. I could see them getting rid of a little bezel space a la the mini, but the device size is perfect aside from being a little thick at the current generation. A size up is productivity territory, MacBook territory. A larger iPad would probably be $600 minimum, $800 for decent storage + $100 for a keyboard accessory. Pointless.

I don't need a larger iPad. The iPad mini, is what I need. Something light and small that I can actually carry. The regular size iPad is big enough for a full size iPad. If Apple does do a larger iPad, I won't be in the market for one.

Love the comment! I saw this rumor on another site, too, and I thought it was ridiculous then, and it's still ridiculous here. haha

It's ok. No need to get defensive. I didn't say you were reporting it, and I sure as hell didn't suggest that you bought into it; I simply said I saw this rumor on another site, too. You yourself said, "There's a rumor that has been doing the rounds..." I saw the "rounds." All I'm saying is that it seems to be a pretty ridiculous rumor. I added my vote to the poll, and I voted against going any bigger. I'm sorry, I just don't see a market, outside of feminine hygiene products, for a MaxiPad. If you look over my history of commenting on this site, you'll see that I am a HUGE Apple fanboy, and I defend Apple products even when it's difficult. I HATED the idea of the iPad mini... then I played with one. I loved it, and I plan to swap out my full-size for the mini if/when they go retina. So just relax, I'm on your side.

As a musician, I would love a larger display. I have my iPad set up as a sheet music library, and while the 10" is manageable, It's still on the tight side.

Same problem. When i play the violin i cant get close enough to the iPad 9.7'' to see the small notes and other info good enough. I've tried using it while playing the piano as well and its doable, but bigger would be much easier and more equal to the convenience of normal sheet paper. I wont go for anything other than iOS because of the superior PDF-reader (android has crappy PDF-readers)

I think too many technophiles are obsessed with either going bigger or going smaller, often to the point of absurdity. The iPad as it stands is a great size: big enough for real web surfing, reading, and most general office tasks. While there might be niche markets that might go for a larger screen (for example as kiosks at events) I don't see it as useful to a broad market because it loses portability.

iPad Mini is too small for me. My MacBook is not portable enough. iPad is just right.

This last weekend, we took my wife's iPad mini with us, (as well as my Air) just to see if I could do most everyday things with the mini, that I do on the Air. (the mini is too small for my old eyes anyway). First thing that irritated me, was at so many websites, I was asked if I wanted that sites App. I just wanted the normal website. Then of course, was the typing thing. I would buy an iPad at 9.7 in a second, if it could do most/all the things the Air can do, but it doesn't seem to be quite there yet. I can always get a keyboard, but I need more functionality for business use. (unfortunately, my company doesn't offer total VPN for the iPad yet)

NO way. Is it still april fools? this rumor is a laugh! Come on, as if apple would name their product "Maxi". You would never hear the end of Maxi pad jokes....

I'd consider it. Like I considered mini.
Current size is good, but mini would fit breast pocket. It's strength is portability, always with me. Didn't buy one though, as between iPhone and iPad, mini wouldn't add new uses. If it could replace phone (ie. Was a phone too), replacing iPhone instead of adding one more device, I'd switch. I don't usually hold phone to my ear when talking, rather using speaker mode or headset.
Maxi, assuming screen size of A4 paper, would be interesting. As I'm taking notes, drafting and sketching ideas, I run out of space on current screen. I prefer larger notebooks over smaller ones, so maxi could replace some more paper and pencil, or some inconvenience in using current (smallish for my habits) screen size.
I like current size for reading, but for writing and sketching larger would be good.

I need biggre iPad for replacing my Sheet Music. I tried using the ipad 9.7'' but its much smaller than a normal sheet music paper. I have to go really close to see the small details and notes.