Would you want an iPhone MAXX with 48-hour battery life? [Poll]

Our friends over at Android Central have been up in New York City today as Verizon has unveiled the Droid MAXX, a new Android phone from Motorola with a claimed 48-hour battery life. Remarkably, the MAXX isn't as thick as you might expect it to be, though it's got added girth to another new phone, the Droid Ultra. So, thickness or not, would you want to buy an iPhone with a 48-hour battery life?

Apple puts a huge amount of time and resource into the design of the iPhone, and frankly what they squeezed into such a sleek package is still a remarkable feat of engineering. A huge battery stuffed in the back would inevitably increase the overall device thickness, but thickness would also give more space to add in more cool hardware like a better camera. Lenses like depth, so more thickness would provide extra space for optics, and we would get a better camera. Apple's obsession with thinness hampers both of these things; there's only so much physically you can fit into such a small package. But is this obsession hampering the possibility for features their customers crave?

Honestly, having been a full-time Android user in the past, I'm still pretty impressed with the iPhone 5 battery life. It's not 48-hours by any stretch of the imagination, but it gets me through the day usually without looking for a charger. I do know though that there's a lot of folk out there who literally tear their hair out looking for a charger by lunchtime. So, what do you think? 48-hour battery life sound good, or are you more attached to your sleek and thin iPhone? Drop your vote up top and your thoughts in the comments below!

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Would you want an iPhone MAXX with 48-hour battery life? [Poll]


I would totally love an iPhone with 48 hour battery and couple it with a Mophie Juice Pack Air and give it another 12 hours, that would be awesome.

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I think its about time apple seriously considers the battery and screen size issues. I am really a big fan of big screens and better battery life. There are a lot of friends of mine who shifted from iphone to android platforms because of some of these issues. I am still sticking here for apple to come up with something.

I agree. My biggest iPhone peeves in order are screen size, battery life, and the phone being too thin. I have big hands and I honestly have trouble holding my iPhone 5 without a case whereas my 4s felt just right. I know that thickness doesn't bother most people but screen size and battery life have become issues for the iPhone considering all of the screen size options and battery performance that android is now offering.

Rather than make it super super thin how about adding a larger battery apple? The iPhone 5 is plenty thin add another mm and get a larger battery and it would be perfect

I don't understand... I get pretty darn close to 48 hours battery life with my iPhone 5. I'm not on my phone all day long playing games and such, but I do use Mailbox pretty darn regularly to deal with my emails and do app updates and a few other apps.

That said, Apple could make the iPhone 5S a little thicker and put a beefer battery in it. If you think about it. Apple can't make the iPhone or iPod touch any thinner without changing the way headphones get plugged into the device. So making it a little thicker wouldn't bother me at all. They did it with the iPad (due to the Retina screen and battery to support it), a millimeter or two wouldn't kill the design of the phone. Plus a little extra weight also wouldn't be a huge problem.

Also, a bigger screen would give them a larger area for the battery. Granted, the screen would need some of that juice, but I suspect not all of it.

The iPhone is getting way too thin. The only reason I use a case is because it fits better in my hand. Give me a bigger iPhone with more juice!

The Maxx is 8.3mm, and the iPhone 5 is 7.9mm. Not a lot of difference for the Maxx having a 3500mah battery.

I want an iPhone with a slightly larger/ wider screen. This would also allow a larger battery. I am not a heavy user. I am around USB ports all day,I get over a day and a half on my current phone, so I don't care if they make the battery last longer. I don't want a battery that makes the phone too big.

Anything beyond 24 hours battery life is just stupid. If you seriously can't be bothered to plug it in once in an entire two day period, you are too much of an idiot to deserve a phone in the first place.

Personally, I don't know anyone at all that has any problem with the iPhone battery life as it is now, other than an idiot nephew who plays illegal movies on it 24/7.

Or ya know if someone does something say go camping or something and not have access to a place I charge? Why would it hurt you if the battery lasted longer? People like you are the reason apple gets away with minor updates every other year....

youre probably happy with whatever apple gives you, if the battery would last 5 hours you probably wouldnt complain. It is people (idiots) like you that apple makes the same thing every year with minor updates.

Not wanting more battery life is just plain dumb, even if youre near a usb to charge it is always better to have more time before you have to do it.

Yesterday my day went long, i was eating at a restaurant at 11 pm with 9 percent of battery left, i live in a dangerous city in mexico, having my phone with me all the time is a must, more battery life is always better no matter what period.

i charge me phone every night, i Had the 4s, 5 and now the note 2 with an extended battery. I may not need the day and a half battery life the phone gives me, but its nice to know if theres a power outage or a random scenery photo shoot occurs that i wont be dead in an hour.

so 48 hour overkill on everyday use? maybe, but piece of mind knowing 2 hours of photo taking wont immediately drain my phone is awesome.

If it meant a larger screen, then sure a larger battery. As it is now I get a day's use from my iPhone 5 so it's cool. Not sure why one would need 48 hours without a charge?

I'm sure 48 hours is moderate usage. I don't have moderate usage. I drain my Z10 twice a day, the same when I had an iPhone. For someone like me it would just mean not having to worry about battery for the entire day.

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A 24/48 hour battery does not sound practical at all.

Imagine you unplug your phone at 6:00 am. in the morning on day One. For a 24-hour battery by the time you get home at around 11 pm. (many of us do) the battery would be at around 70%. Who on Earth would want to leave their phone unplugged at night so that it lasts its full 100% until 6 am. the next morning? So in a practical every day situation a 24-hour battery charge would leave around 30% of the power unused every night. Every single night. This is bad design. The same goes for a 48 hour long battery.

Right now in practice a phone is designed to last one day. You wake up, unplug, go out, come home at night and plug it again before you go to sleep. This is less than 24 hours. Possibly 17 - 18 (max) for most people. In reality most phones struggle with that but the idea is clear - to last one day. Less is not good, a few hours more are unnecessary.

Imagine your phone can last two days. So every other night you need to recharge. This is better but I am pretty sure most of us would still plug the phone every single night "just in case" as you never know how big a part of the second day the phone would last. Again - we are left with unnecessary charge remaining. We would all probably go to bed with a 40% battery left but always plug the phone. So why the extra size?

Image a phone that would last for three days. Now there is when I see a practical advantage for the first time. You'll probably finish day One with 70% left. Day Two - maybe 35%. You'd feel inclined to challenge day Three and you'd probably succeed. After three days the cycle is over and you can charge you phone again the following night. Bliss.

I am pretty convinced (but open for suggestions nonetheless) that he next step from a 12-hour battery cycle should be at least a three-day one. This is roughly 65 hours (two complete day-night cycles and one extra day, without the third night). Anything less than that might seem attractive in theory but I question its practical application. Charging your phone is a delicate routine that tends to be automatized. It follows your daily routine and needs to go with it, not be a routine on its own. It is hard to handle one more ticking clock in your life - both social and biological. Battery life should tune with your existing clocks - work, sleep, etc. A 24 hour or 48 hour cycle is not an optimized solution for battery life. I think phones should first master the 17-18 hour barrier of an active person's day and then try to go straight to 65. Less than that wouldn't be completely practical.

Please let me know if you have an opinion on this particular idea of mine.

"Who on Earth would want to leave their phone unplugged at night..."
well i never plugged my iphone in bed time, for the sake of energy efficient, battery health and safety., i plug it when i woke up, about 2 hours before i go to work, so i have a full 100% battery to start my day without overcharging it, and usually it last full day, until time for me to go to bed,(around 20-22hrs) battery at around 15-25%..
i use my phone for daily mail, medium use social media, medium use game, and light use of normal phone stuff (phone, text)

As long as screen size stays the same or only slightly increases. Thicker, thinner, whatever... Just don't change screen size much! I used a friends galaxy s3 the other day, damn thing felt rediculous and was nearly impossible to hold so that it was comfortable and functional at the same time! iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 fits my hands and pocket just fine, with a very little bit of room to grow.

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this is the ULTIMATE reason why I sold my iPhone 5. Loved the accessories, access to apps, but the battery was HORRID. And not only that, I had to drop another 30 bucks to replace the charger, which is absolutely ridiculous

I would love to have more battery life. That is the one thing I miss most from my Note II. All day heavy usage and no need to charge until the end of the day. If Apple can bring at least 6 more hours of battery life to the phone it will stop me from going back to android.

You bet! It would have been nice if they kept the iphone 4s thickness and used all that extra space for the battery on the iphone 5.

Coverage plays a big part in battery life. Searching for a signal lowers life in weak areas. This week I was out of data and turned cell data off completely and used wifi and text. Battery life had to go out Abiut 40% easily