Wow, some iPhone 5 fakers have a lot of time on their hands

Wow, some iPhone 5 fakers have a lot of time on their hands

We don't usually believe in rewarding negative attention seekers, but boy did this iPhone 5 website faker put some time into this almost-certainly-a-hoax video. (After the break.)

[YouTube via eTechno, thanks DEhrlich01]

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Wow, some iPhone 5 fakers have a lot of time on their hands


as much as i think this new design is really cool and sexy, i think iphones are getting too thin to type on comfortably. iphone 4 is as thin as i want it to be

Same here. There's a point where it can become too thin. Like the iPod touch 4. I prefer to use the iPhone 4 - if for nothing else - because it is slightly larger.

Absolutely fantastic. I really hope Apple pays attention to what people want, because this would be a home run for them. I honestly hope they head in this direction with the iPhone 5, as opposed to a simple hardware refresh of the iPhone 4.

Brilliant !!
Good effort to keep us entertained before the real deal !!
Bring on sept.

The dude (and I do mean dude, as in male because no woman could come up with dumb sh%^& like this) made one mistake: At a minimum, the iPhone 5 will have 14.4Mbps for HSPA+ "4G", if Apple is going to use that Qualcomm dual GSM/CDMA chip, which I'm now leaning towards believing will happen.
I'm still hoping for 21Mbps, but the cost is probably too high (read: Apple's probably too cheap haha). If the AT&T/T-Mobile merger will go through, Apple will naturally include the 1700MHz band for iPhone 6. I wonder if they're going to surprise us and put 1700 into iPhone 5. If my recollection is to be trusted, I want to say that I remember seeing a story (or was it a rumor, but what's the difference these days really, right?) about iPhone 4 being tested on T-Mobile...?
P.S.: I didn't click in the lower left corner on
P.P.S.: (no, really! I didn't!)

If you go to the swiss iPhone page there is a blank link where he/she clicked that is broken. Odd coincidence.

Love it! I hope the new iP5 looks similar. That is a design that would definitely keep Apple the top of the brilliant design list!