Woz thinks Android is more functional than iOS

Woz, a known Android fan, thinks the Android OS is more functional than iOS in many ways. Even though an iPhone is his primary device he still wishes his iPhone would perform some of the tasks his Android devices do.

“if you’re willing to do the work to understand it a little bit, well I hate to say it, but there’s more available in some ways...

I agree with his statement even though I'm strictly an iOS user. I still manage to find a reason to jailbreak when Apple decides to omit the features that I want. Not only is feature set an on-going issue for Apple but the fact that iOS is exclusive to Apple. Android being open source to the end user is arguable as well. It's open to the manufacturers and carriers, not the user. Android is still available for licensing to all manufacturers while Apple is the only company with rights to distribute iOS.

Woz also said he thinks Apple's approval process for apps slows developers down compared to Android's model. He was a long time user of Siri until Apple purchased it. He claims it doesn't work as well as it did when it was an independent application.

Do you think Apple's strict curation of the App Store and need for control is what pushes users towards Android?

Source: The Daily Beast

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Woz thinks Android is more functional than iOS


Check out what was said on CNET..... reading inbetween the lines he clearly states that the iPhone is for simple people who are afraid of complexity and the iPhone is simple in itself. WOW. I totaly agree with him when he says the iPhone cannot do what an Android device can do. Yes... "out of the box" it cant but thats why people choose to jailbreak their iPhone which obviously this guy hasnt figured out yet.

I know what jailbreaking is as well as rooting and also being an IT engineer I can say I'm a bit more computer savvy than a regular consumer. I'm waiting for a jailbreak for my Ipad 2 which been many times rumored as "imminent" Sadly, I can not switch to android tablets because of their horrible laggines. I wish they were as smooth as my SGSII but until then I'm using my ipad with hope that the "imminent" jailbreak will finally be available at least by the spring...

Woz is right, however, I still wouldn't want to switch to Android simply because it uses a similarly stale icon-grid UI. Last year when I decided to attempt WP7 for 30 days in lieu of immediately jumping to an iPhone 4, I had never thought too much about the UI's failings. After living with WP7 for a few days, I knew I could never go back to iOS (and I still find it painful to use on my iPad).
Personally, I'm eagerly looking forward to Windows 8 on ARM tablets. Fresh OS, fresh UI, legacy code nowhere to be found, and a full blown operating system set of capabilities? Yes, please :)

Exactly. I've had Android phones and the reason I stay with my iPhone is simple. The UI leverages the hardware in a way Android doesn't, and can't. That's why it's just smoother to navigate, but also why apps can seem stuttery at first if you're having an active day.
After Jailbreaking however, my iPhone is dramatically more capable than any Android phone I've had, and that's all that matters to me. It's MY tool. MY phone. I don't give a damn what Woz or anyone else think. It's the tool that help me get my daily work done. I like that.
And I don't have to trick it into working. A stock iPhone is still more usable to me than a stock Android handset.

Hold up though, for one, this guy has been jail breaking his phone since the 1.X days when you could do it just through the browser.
Second, jail breaking breaking not be a requirement to get certain functionality out of a phone. Its not a feature that the company can advertise or that salespeople can use to sell a phone.

iOS is Simple for Simple people??? Here's the thing I want in a smart phone. I want it to get email when I need it to. I want it to provide my calendar when I what it to. I want it to perform the applications that I need for personal benefit, and oh yeah, MAKE AND TAKE CALLS!!! The complexity of Android phones I find myself fumbling around trying to make a call in the car. iPhone, not so much. So call me simple, I don't care.

The interface is almost exactly the same across the two platforms. Couldn't you pick a different example? I'm guessing it's just because you're used to iOS.

I could see myself using an android product in the future because of how cheap they are and they seem to be getting on everything. Alarm clocks, watches that interact with your phone, why won't apple do more with the iPod nano. I'd like to see more interaction between iOS devices. Apple should ask AT&T to let iPhone users tether their iPads without adding on $20 tethering fee.

Woz is correct -- Android is more functional, in the sense that it exposes more power to the user. iOS has always been less about providing the most functions than providing a limited set of functionality properly. Those have been the design decisions underpinning each platform since gestation. Neither approach is necessarily "right" or "wrong."
Are there people who are drawn to Android because there is more you can do on the OS level? Of course. Are there people who are drawn to iOS because what you can do is made available much more simply and elegantly? Of course.
Different strokes for different folks, as they say.

I think that the best android vs. iOS statement I've ever read. Well said. In the end it's all about about what you the consumer wants from your device. If you dont like it... Well then don't buy it.

Until Android can figure out a way to not let Verizon install about 20 bloat ware crap apps on their phone I will stick with Apple. And yes I know I can root and remove them but why is it Apple comes clean with zero carrier garbage and Android whores its self out with tones of phones with tones of bloat ware.

root the android and remove the bloatware? or jailbreak the iphone and make it a bit more usable as most android phones out of the box?
just asking...

Galaxy Nexus by the way is the most consumer unfriendly device especially for people moving from iphones to android. It requires a lot of customization which in itself can be fun but only for an enthusiast. and again it needs to be rooted to get the most out of it. I'd personally prefer Touchwiz over vanilla ICS but thats just my pref.

Who really cares what anyone else says or thinks about a smartphone? Use the one you find ... useful ... and move on to enjoy a sunset, an evening with friends, a quiet dinner, etc. This story (or clip) is just another excuse to publish unimportant words as "news."

very well said! thats why i use an android phone and an ipad tablet. both work beatifully together and with them i get my things done. thats all i really care about.

And this, kids, is what we call "focusing on the wrong thing," sometimes known as "missing the forest for the trees."

If iPhone had never been invented, would there be a large jailbreak community for Android, because of the lack of features the consumer wants? Let's face it, Google was smart making it an operating system. We tend to use what we like. Android, or Apple, these are fun discussions.

Woz hasn't done anything relevant in 30 years. But he will say anything that will get him some attention.

Of course, now Woz is irrelevant.
I don't remember the snide comments when Woz last appeared in line buying an iPhone 4S.
The guy is a genius and he founded Apple. What more does he really needs to be respected?

I'm still waiting for examples of what the android phones can do that the iphone can't. I'm hearing that they are more powerful and that out of the box they have more features. 10 comments and not one mention of the superior features that android phones have to offer.

I can make my phone automatically detect when I'm in the car via bluetooth, greet me over my car's speakers while telling me whether my phone needs a charge, and while driving automatically read out text messages and email subject lines and senders.

You get hardware choice, a faster development cycle when it comes to hardware features. You can change homescreens and icons to suit your style. You can download new keyboards if you don't like your current ones. You can use alternate stock apps if you don't like the manufacturer supplied ones. You can download widgets which provide information at a glance. You can track data usage over both WiFi and cellular data. Let's see...you can download alternate app markets it sideload them from the internet. Aaand that's all I can think of now.

If Apple would only release iOS with two tiers, iOS Standard and iOS Advanced, they'd see way less jaibreaking and fewer migrators to Android. I'm just saying!! Maybe even a third tier, iOS Developer. But that's like the world coming to an end!! lol

The vision and originality of Apple, especially before the Mac, came from Wozniak and Jobs together. Even today you can almost feel it. I don't think is is possible to dislike Woz, he is the loveable free spirit who never lost that smile or the curiosity to try new things. He is the "crazy one" that makes ME smile.
This may be a minority view, but I think Jobs was 100% wrong about Android. Apple and iOS really needed Android to push against and sometimes learn from. They have almost become to safe and stable; without Android things could have been worse.
I hope Tim Cook and others at Apple really listen to Woz in the next few years. The visionary dreams in Jobs and love of experimentation in Woz gave Apple a near perfect Soul. Something surprisingly enduring and special, that remains unique - Without that Apple is just another company.
I am an Android user who wants Apple to be bolder and more open than it is today. iOS and Android operate in the same workspace but attract slightly different people. It takes someone like Steve Wozniak to see the good in both, to enjoy both; and still wonder how things could be even better. As we say in England - he is a top man, in any company.

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