Writer Pro now available for both Mac and iOS, includes awesome syntax editing feature

Writer Pro, by the same makers of iA Writer, is now available for both Mac and iOS. How does Writer Pro differ from what iA Writer currently offers you may ask? Writer Pro is the first complete writing suite for iOS and Mac that not only lets you write freely, but helps you focus on actual syntax by pulling out adjectives, verbs, and other kinds of text. As a result, your writing is less repetitive, more concise, and clearer than ever.

The current version of iA Writer is one of our favorite writing apps for Mac but if you're looking for more than a simple writing app with Markdown support, Writer Pro takes it to a whole new level. iA is launching Writer Pro for both iOS and Mac simultaneously. You get the same great workspace you've come to know and love from iA Writer as well as three more font types to cover the different editing and view types in Writer Pro.

Hands down the biggest feature and the one that will be most important to those of us that write everyday is the Syntax Control feature. Simply select what kind of words you want Writer Pro to focus on and they'll be pulled forward for your review. This can help eliminate repetitive phrases, unneeded adjectives, and sentences that are not necessary.

Writer Pro is currently available for both Mac and iOS. If you happen to try them out, let us know what you think in the comments! If you're debating, check out the promo video above. There's also another one you can view at the link below via iA's own website.

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emjayess says:

Any chance of a shootout with this new app and the best of the rest with each iMore staffer weighing in?

Gazoobee says:

Seems like a one trick pony (the highlighting parts of speech part), although it does seem like it might be useful.

I've tried to use iA Writer many times and it was my main iOS writing program for at least a year or two but ultimately it's just not that great an app and really aimed at web writers more than actual writers. I suspect this word processor will be similar.

sanibel says:

As a writer, my experience with iOS-level writing apps is mediocre at best. I use my iPhone -- indeed all iOS devices, to proof-read during downtime. For more serious writing use your Mac with something like Scrivener (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/scrivener/id418889511?at=10l3Vy&ct=d_im). The experience is worth the price.

GeniusUnleashed says:

Funny, I just broke down and bought Byword today and switching from iA Writer because I need export functions.

I will say, the teaser video is incredibly well done, makes me want to buy it...until I see the iOS price, yowsa.

dalyapp says:

I do like iawrite and use it as my main note keeping app. I'm not a professional writer so I don't think the new app will offer me anything I need beyond iawrite.

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thatnickjones says:

I've been an avid Byword user for years now. I've always thought about trying out iA Writer but never took the dive. The video really makes me want to try the application out, but I just don't see it being worth it to me. $40 is a bit much to get a full multi-OS writing workflow for me.

Guess I'll be sticking with Byword, which I love. Just like trying new things on occasion.

asuperstarr says:

This looks awesome and have great features. After reading your writer app comparison, I think scrivener is probably a better choice. Great review!

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Mogsemko says:

I bought iA writer, but now I am searching for another similar writers with iOS 7 design. But for me iWriter is the best choose. If iA Labs update iA Writer for ios 7 i will buy a mac version. I don't need professional features. I just need an simple and useful writing app with iOS 7 design and mac app.

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Antron says:

So, will the regular iA Writer get an iOS 7 update?

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crazygonzo says:

Dropbox sync will be probably added soon with an update but even $9.99 would be too much.