Writing Aid for iPhone fills in the dictionary blanks, removes the frustration

Writing Aid for iPhone fills in the dictionary blanks, removes the frustration

Writing Aid is a new dictionary and reference app for iPhone that's a little more flexible than your average dictionary. Aside from normal dictionary behavior, Writing Aid can also help you figure out words based on key words.

Most of us have had a time where we knew what word we wanted to use but drew a blank. We could describe what it means, but not think of the exact word. This is where Writing Aid comes in handy. Just type in a few descriptive key words that explain what word you're trying to think of and let Writing Aid do the rest. For example, typing in blue green populates words like teal, cyan, and more.

For anyone who needs a pocket dictionary that can help you fill in the blanks, I'd suggest trying out Writing Aid. If you happen to pick it up, let me know what you think. Does it find what you're looking for with little effort or does it still need some work?

Allyson Kazmucha

Editor for iMore, Potter pundit, and the ninja in your iOS

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jerseyfresh says:

Thanks, Ally. I'm writing a book about a long hike and this looks more enticing than the Webster app and way better than lugging around and whipping out the thesaurus.

yourdigitaldave says:

Great app find, Ally! As one who writes and just generally loves words, this looks to be a great resource. Thanks!

jaredporter says:

It so happens I've had this App a couple of weeks and I really like it.

ame says:

I just d/l this on your suggestion and already have used it three times. Man this will make my blogging a million times easier. I did a lot of copywriting in the past, but there are days where you find yourself asking out loud "how do you spell of?" because nothing will function in your head anymore.

asuperstarr says:

This can be very useful. Thanks for sharing about this app!

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karmski says:

Thanks for your review. I purchased this immediately for myself and gifted it to my daughter, who is at Uni. I use and love WordBook, but Writing Aid fills the missing gap in many conventional dictionaries, and in a novel and fun fashion.

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