Verizon, AT&T to sell LTE equipped iPad 3

Verizon, AT&T to sell LTE equipped iPad 3

Following up on iMore's news today on the iPad 3 announcement, quad-core, and possibility of LTE the Wall Street Journal has now said LTE looks to be a lock as well.

Verizon Communications Inc. and AT&T Inc. will sell a version of the coming iPad that runs on their newest fourth-generation wireless networks, according to people familiar with the matter, as the battle to cash in on big investments in mobile broadband heats up.

We noted earlier, Apple could release a 4G LTE variant model targeted specifically for Verizon and AT&T. Due to differences in frequencies for international carriers, like Rogers, Bell in Canada and others in Europe and Asia/Pacific, it's still unknown how wide-spread the LTE iPad 3 would be. Could Apple go U.S.-only for now? Again, Apple likely has these details decided already but they simply haven't all leaked out yet.

Also missing from the latest round of rumors is any mention of the U.S.'s third largest carrier, Sprint. While Sprint currently offer the iPhone, they don't have an iPad on their CDMA/EVDO rev A network at all. Considering Sprint won't start their deployment of LTE until mid 2012, and even then, only in six markets. Would they still get a 2-3mbps "slow" CDMA/EVDO rev A iPad 3... or nothing again?

So Retina display, quad-core, and now LTE seem

How important is 4G LTE to you, and what network would you most want it on?

Source: WSJ

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Reader comments

Verizon, AT&T to sell LTE equipped iPad 3


AT&T is must I would love to be able to stream a HD Flick on my air video server with out any hiccups

You'll get charged an arm and a leg though. They might even take your children (if you have any). Can't rule out pets.

I'm not going to bother with the 4G LTE and the carriers. With verizon however I will have a 4G hotspot service so I can connect up to 5 devices anyway. That'll save me $200 on the iPad 3 also.

For us Sprint folks, will there be a way to tether the new iPad 3 to our iPhone 4S devices? I don't really need to make phone calls on an iPad and I suppose getting online can wait for a WiFi location as my 4S can find something online in a pinch, so that should save us money when buying the iPad 3, yes?!

Does Sprint offer a tethering service? If not you can jailbreak and tether for free with MyWi or PdaNet (free after one-time purchase anyway).o

I'm assuming the 4G wifi hotspots from Verizon don't have a problem with being throttled since a sales point is you can connect with so many devices at once.

These are month to month services on the ipad, so even if you got an at&t iphone, feel free to grab an LTE Verizon ipad. There's nothing saying you have to stick with one carrier for everything.
Unless of course carriers wise up and make it worth your while to stick with one carrier for all.

Considering that most iPads sold are WiFi only, it's not really a big deal. I wouldn't buy any dealer locked carrier connected Tablet by any manufacturer, because I don't need two data plan bills. Most people in this economy can't justify that if they already have a Smartphone and data plan.

I would consider buying from carrier only if I get it on contract and with a subsidy that makes it hardly any cost to have a plan on it. Otherwise Wi-Fi for me

I have used my wifi iPad with a Mifi card since the day it came out. I recently updated to a 4g Mifi card. Here is the problem. 4g is not only faster in speed, but it " eats" data faster. With my 3G Mifi card I could steam as much Netflix etc as I desired. With the 4g card I reach my limit by the middle of the month some time. There needs to be a way to manually revert to 3G when u don't need or desire the 4g. Given the choice I would revert back to the 3G card in a heartbeat if I could. 3G was fine for steaming. The quality may be better over 4g but the increase in data consumption cancels that our in my opinion.

Hmmm, how about not streaming Netflix movies over your cell data connection? They have these things called DVDs and this thing called the mail.... if you can stand to wait a couple of days to see something :) or wait until you're at a WiFi hotspot which, presumably, will be sometime today...
Signed, tired of streaming video being the go-to use of scarce network resources...