WWDC 08: iPhone Games Roundup

You'll probably hear from a lot of people who attended WWDC that the app demo section of the keynote was much too long and even :gasp: boring. But the games showcased at WWDC continue to prove that the iPhone is going to be a force in mobile gaming.

  • Super Monkey Ball - First shown in the March Event, Sega has expanded on Super Monkey Ball including over a 100 levels and four classic Monkeys. The graphics in Super Monkey Ball for iPhone is on par with anything from the DS.
  • Enigmo - A physics based game using reflectors to put water in a bucket. Ported in three days, looks like frustratingly mindless fun.
  • Cro-Mag Rally - A racing game using the iPhone's accelerometer as a steering wheel. Nine different tracks, 10 unique cars and looks really fun. That too was ported over in three days.
  • Digital Legends Entertainment - They demoed a 3D fantasy game that displayed the graphical prowess of the iPhone. It probably didn't reach the high end level of PSP but it only took two weeks to develop. Available sometime in September.

The games are priced at $9.99 and available through the AppStore. After paying similar prices for Texas Hold 'Em on my old cell phones, I think these would be easy purchases. What do you think?

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Reader comments

WWDC 08: iPhone Games Roundup


This says for iphone, so what about the ipod touch? Will these games be playable on those as well??

Adam, yes they will work with the Touch. All apps that don't take advantage of iPhone only hardware (camera, phone, 3G...) will work on the Touch.

$9.99 is not much for a full price handheld game like Monkey Ball.
They aren't exactly java based simple 2D games we're talking about here, they're full 3D games with the same complexity as a Dreamcast or Sony PSP.
In fact when you think about it you realize it's actually very cheap.