WWDC 2010 live meta-blog

WWDC 2010's keynote kicks off at 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm BST. There probably won't be any live video streams -- Apple doesn't do them and they typically shut down anyone they catch trying to do it. So, we invite you to sit back, relax, and join us for coverage, color, and commentary.

NOTE: Apple keynotes typically bring down the internet. We've got two widgets after the break because both have failed in the past. If one fails this time, we'll switch to the other. You shouldn't have to refresh the page.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

WWDC 2010 live meta-blog


I can hardly contain my excitment....except I worked a midnight shift tonight...so looks like I'll be watching/reading it after the fact :(
BTW first

Call *639# from your iPhone and AT&T will send you a free SMS letting you know if you are eligible for iPhone upgrade! AT&T is allowing many of us to upgrade early. Unfortunately, im not able until 2/20/2011 :/
What about you?

@Lurizzle I am eligible as to upgrade as we speak.. I Have upgraded every year since the 2g iPhone

@Lurizzle That's a nifty little trick there. I am eligible for an upgrade for a $18 fee and a new 2-year agreement. Hmmmm....

lol earless puppy :) i am forgoing getting a point and shoot for the new iphone i hope it is epic sauce.

I'm really excited. I can't wait for Steve to tell me when I should plan to camp out to get the new iPhone!
BTW, does anyone know if there will be any sites offering live chatting during the event?

Why no live video?! Kind of ironic that they're showing off the newest iPhone-related wares, but in secret.

Lurizzle - My date is the same - 2/20/11. I tink it is because after my corporate discount I only pay like $85/month. Anyone know if they will still allow me to update at a cheaper price if I show up and beg?

@Matthew I use my corporate discount and pay the same and I am eligible, according to the text. I think it is based on when you got the iPhone. I'm guessing over a year is eligible.

Matthew - You know what, I'm on a corporate discount too! That HAS to be it. I read somewhere the dates are determined by the dollar amount of your monthly bill. I'm sure that's why those of us on a discounted plan aren't yet eligible. Let me know how the begging works out ;)

Apple used to do live streams of keynotes on their website many years ago. How come they don't do it anymore? Is it a matter of not being able to keep up with the traffic?

I don't think corporate rate has anything to do with it. I am on a corporate plan, bought my phone 6/19/2009 and am eligible now. P.S. - I also pay 22.50 per month for unlimited web. Not changing that anytime soon.

Guys theres live audio and video streams all over USTREAM, just visit ustream and search WWDC :D Im getting audio/video feed live!!! :D

Why does Steve Jobs always wear the same exact thing. I mean a guy with billions under his name can afford other clothing beside that black sweater and blue jean LOL. Anyways GO STEVE Unleash the 4G/HD on us!!

If I was that rich I wouldn't care what I wore on stage either. As long as I look presentable, I would be good.

Holy shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....................IPS and 326ppi on an iPhone!!? W-o-W! (Just woke up, sorry haha)

So, another 100 million or so frigging iPhones due to be sold to add to the 100 million or so out there already but and we are all still stuck with six freaking text tones to share amongst us!
Stick your gyroscope where the sun doesn't shine and just let me modify my phone a bit.
Oi...........Android, hold on, I'm coming..............

Some really cool new features! Love the video chatting and TWO CAMERAS! Also they can record in HD! And iMovie app to go with it. Apple did not dissapoint with this. I like the iPhones, and now they come at a responably good price.

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