WWDC 2014 keynote day roundup - Everything you need to know

WWDC 2014

We're now coming towards the close of an extremely eventful day at WWDC 2014 out in San Francisco. iOS 8 is official. OS X 10.10 Yosemite is official. We've got new features – both consumer and developer focused – coming out of our eyeballs leaving us with much to talk about in the coming weeks and months as we head towards launch. There really was a lot to take in, so here's a quick roundup of the biggest stories of the day, and where you can find out more.

A lot of posts went out the door today, but we've rounded everything up for you below to ensure you get all you need to know! Enjoy!

And if you want everything...the full firehose, be sure to visit iMore's WWDC 2014 event page!

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WWDC 2014 keynote day roundup - Everything you need to know


Maybe I'll bite and try out this OSX beta but most of this will work only with iOS 8 and that's not available. Photos for Mac in 2015 ? Horrible but no rush Apple, it's not like I'm getting older and current version is bad, right ?
With iOS 8 'infinite possibilities' potential finally the iCloud is truly here (full instant syncing), widgets are a real thing in NC and AirDrop is useful. So I understand that managing multiple Safari downloads with the iCloud will be a breeze now but what else is missing and what we didn't get this time (multiple login account anyone) ? And where was Phil MindBlown Schiller ?

Phil tends to do Hardware.. only reason he was on stage last year at WWDC was for Mac Pro announcement.. The only reason they did the Mac Pro there was to re-assure dev's / designers they had not forgotten about the Mac Pro... It's not normal for Apple to announce a hardware product 6 months early.. Mac Pro was unusual..

Besides .. they had pleaaanty this time around.. very excited about all the new software updates.. Just so many .. it's like a full software Christmas tree.. early.. lol

Good roundup. Of course, the big elephant in the room is the fact that no new hardware was introduced. Is this Apple being tone deaf, or just staying true to what they want WWDC to be/become? Given market expectations, I would have expected at least something new on the hardware front.

And yet.. it's not an elephant.. it was a developer conference.. You know.. The DC part of WWDC.. thats been that way for.. ooooh. 7 YEARS.. ..lol

The only ones who hyped up hardware were the blogs. Apple's time-line on hardware is fall.. has been for like 4 years now..

Which is smart.. They get the Dev's on-board for the new software and then release it on falls announced hardware later.. Dev's are what make this platform so functional.. They are correct to dedicate, as they have the for past 7 years, a conference for the devs.. Yes.. SOMETIMES they MIGHT update some hardware .. but that has never, and likely will never be, the focus of a developer conference.. otherwise.. why call it a developer conference?????????

And did you see how excited some of those developers looked when the camera was panning round? That alone makes me excited for the rest of the year. Apple only does half the job in making iOS a great experience.

In he past they have had at least a token hardware item. The original Intel MacBook Pro core duo, iMac tweaks, etc. have been WWDC intros. I agree the focus should be developers. But, with Apple's high profile, satisfying shareholders is always a consideration when taking the stage. Just reality.

I agree. But, consider the bigger picture seen by analysts and shareholder. @solamar, via Wikipedia: Beginning in 2002, WWDC became a place for hardware announcements. In 2002 Apple announced the rack mounted server Xserve, in 2003 the consumer-oriented iSight and the Power Mac G5, in 2004 the redesigned Apple Cinema Displays, in 2005 the transition of Apple computers from IBM's PowerPC microprocessor line to Intel's line of x86 processors, and in 2006 the Xeon-based Mac Pro and Xserve. Since 2006, the hardware introductions have become even more important, including recent iPhone announcements.

2012: MacBook Pro with retina display.
2013: MacPro.
2014: nuttin