WWDC 2014 wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

WWDC 2014 wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

You know the drill. Apple has announced WWDC 2014 and that means there's new artwork to go along with it. This year it's a classic rainbow of app icon shapes whose negative space reveals the distinctive top of the Apple logo. We'll leave it to others to engage in the usual Apple-mancy, to read the artwork Apple leaves and try to determine if it means color displays on iWatch, icon scaling for a big screen iPhone 6, a new palette for iOS 8 or OS X 10.10 Syrah or — my personal choice — just a high-impact look by Apple's typically excellent graphic design team. But what's really important for now, some two months out, is... wallpapers!

Grab the iPad version up top, the iPhone version below, and rock your 6 colors from now until Keynote day!

Update: The one and only Derek Kessler has whipped up a batch of Retina version for iPhone, iPad, Mac, 1080p, and even 4K! The images are huge so we're hosting them on the forums. (Login required but it's free and you can login with Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. if you like!)

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WWDC 2014 wallpapers for iPhone and iPad


Thank you! I'm still using the wallpaper you posted from the previous Apple event. Time to get it replaced then.

Personally, I HATED WWDC 2013's wallpaper. This one is a huge improvement and may mean that iOS 8 may be more Apple-esque rather than just going flat for flat's sake. I'm excited!! #nerdingout

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