WWDC app updated for 2014, get your full schedule from the App Store

WWDC 2014 app schedule on an iPhone 5s

The official WWDC 2014 app has been refreshed for this year's developer conference, bringing the app closer to the even flatter iOS 7 design standards than last year's redesign. This version is all flat, white, and orange, though the general navigation system follows the straight-forward arrangement of before. The app, in addition to the mostly complete WWDC 2014 schedule also includes a map of the venue, news updates, Passbook integration, and streaming videos from previous WWDC sessions.

WWDC 2014 is scheduled to kick off in just under two weeks, and it's expected that we'll see our first glimpses of iOS 8 and OS X 10.10, not to mention the possibility of new hardware for the MacBook Air or Apple TV.

And go ahead and take a look at the currently secret sessions for the unannounced features. "No Comment", "This One Is Sealed", and "You'll Find Out in a Few Days" are just a few of the several sessions.

Let us know, what are you most looking forward to at WWDC 2014?

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WWDC app updated for 2014, get your full schedule from the App Store


I can't wait for the "You're Just Going to Have to Wait a Little Longer" session.
And also the "It's Still Our Little Secret" session. Should be great.

Just added the AltWWDC "AltBeard Bash" ticket to Passbook.
Have never seen Dalrymple in person.
Fear. The. Beard.

I just want them to announce interactive (push) notifications for iMessage. And, HOPEFULLY they'll restore Tap to Post (Facebook) and Tap to Tweet functionality in iOS 8.

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