WWDC Tomorrow: iPhone 3GS?


While previous rumors had Apple announcing iPhone video tomorrow at WWDC 2009, Daring Fireball's John Gruber has just put up his predictions and, at least in code name form, they're going with "iPhone 3GS" -- though they don't offer what the "S" stands for...

In the past, Daring Fireball's predictions have at times seemed closer akin to inside information, so it's worth paying attention to. In terms of specs, Gruber is sticking with what he previously predicted:

significantly faster processors, twice the RAM, and twice the storage. I expected prices to remain the same as the current lineup: $199/299 for 16/32 GB, respectively. The video camera is going to be a major selling point. [...] battery life: 15-20 percent longer than the iPhone 3G.

As to the oft rumored iPhone nano/mini, while he does see Apple eventually doing a distinct iPhone nano model, much like the iPod nano, for now:

I would wager heavily on [the iPhone 3G 8GB becoming the $99 iPhone] — that the new iPhone 3GS models will not replace the 3G, but rather assume the flagship position while the year-old 3G slides down to the second spot in the product lineup.

On the subject of the equally oft rumored iTablet, Gruber thinks it's real, but not yet ready to be announced.

In less than a day, we'll all know for sure!

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WWDC Tomorrow: iPhone 3GS?


Thats right. Gruber is very close. Apple has two selection to name the new hardware to 3.5G or 3GS. With either, ATT has agreed to Apple that there were no hikes in fees for unlimited Texting and MMS. It will stay at $20 for all the faithful out there.

There's a main Apple store in central Jersey that's close for renovations, so I don't think they would have don that if there was going to be a release of a new iPhone this Monday.
They posted that they will be opening back up on June 26th, which lead me to believe that on this day they will reveal the new iPhone.

Did you fail a credit check and therefore miss out on getting an iPhone Truth?
So your taking out your anger on this blog.

One store closed does'nt mean they can't release it after WWDC. Theres ATT, BEST BUY, WALMART and other App store out there. Besides, like what I've said, OS 3.0 will be release June 9th followed by the new hardware on July. The new hardware does'nt have a FACING CAMERA as rumored.

I just hope it doesn't look as gross as all these leaked pictures are pointing toward. The internal tweaks are enough to make me buy it but I really don't like the rubber look and lack of bezel. Sigh.

Also ATT is condidering to offer a new plan called DATA PLUS that includes data, unlimited texting. and mms for $40. They may announce this plan tommorow.

could it be the new iPhone 3G Slim, or simply the iPhone Slim. not saying that i would want a thinner iphone but thats the only "S" word in apples dictionary other than sold and $$$

You fricking fool. I wouldn't be here if I didn't have an Iphone 3g. I have one and my data plan is $22.80. Now eat that mother sucker.

This "Truth" character reminds me of the kids on Xbox that start cursing and threatening you for no reason when you join a game. Picking fights with people who he knows can't do anything about it. I'm just not sure why he wastes so much energy.
I highly doubt the status of some store in New Jersey Is going to stop Apple from releasing a phone when they want.
With that said, I don't think we're going to see 3.0 or the new phone this week, but I hope I'm wrong.
What's the over/under on crazy rumors on Tipb between now and 1 PM tomorrow?

@ truth
Your mom left my house like 1/2 and hour ago she mighta hit some traffic on the 101 tell steve the happy ending is going to be comped.

3GS S(we dont know yet what it means) but behind that, it is also coined STEVE, to honor the founder who saved APPLE from the brink.

All of you need to grow up!!
It could be pink iPhone and you would still be in line to pick it up, you will buy whatever iPhone they come out with and the same people that hope it's not this or that will be on this same blog in a months time telling everybody how much you love it. I had the 1st one, got the 3g now and will buy the new just because Apple always steps up the game!!.

@big mike. I would NEVER buy a pink iPhone. That example doesn't work with everyone. And plus. I don't think the general population would buy a pink iPhone over a palm pre. And that's what apple really cares about.

It really doesn't matter what they show tomorrow all you guys compaining no full well that you buying the new iPhone no matter what they do to it. Personally all I want is a software update so that I can do the things it's supposed to. I don't think that's asking too much. I come on this site to get info and pointers and this is really sounding like a bunch kids arguing about about bullshit. Come on.

So i guess " iPhone Video " is a GO.
If the camera is a major selling point then I guess " video " would make sense.
Well , I'll be on TiPB and Engadget the whole day tomorrow from my iPhone.

I'd remind everyone that Apple never has satisfied ALL the Rumors.
Prepare to get much, but not all of what you have read about.
If the 3GS is faster, then the S must stand for SsssSMOKEING!!!

While everyone is posting insults and homegrown rumors it seems everyone missed this bit from the Blog entry:

that the new iPhone 3GS models will not replace the 3G, but rather assume the flagship position while the year-old 3G slides down to the second spot in the product lineup.

Does that mean that the 3G will remain in production?
Did the First Gen phone remain in production after the 3G came out?
Why would Apple do this?

That just means that att will have 3g trade ins. They'll just redurb them I'm sure and sell them online.

I think that would be a smart move to have like a flagship phone then lower end for the people who want the name, but maybe not all that extra stuff.
Like how the HTC Touch line had the Touch Diamond/Pro...but also the Viva. That would make it nice and affordable to everyone.

Well, yes, I expected Apple to have 3Gs available for replacements.
But Daring Fireball suggests the 3G will remain in production and for sale as the entry level iPhone.
No disrespect intended, but Fireball has a better and longer track record than you, so perhaps you can give us some reason to believe you.

You have forgotten that APPLE aspire for excellence. To continue producing the 3G as it is configured right now. It is not in Apple's territory. Besides next year, a new Iphone HD or higher is due to be released. Did you forget Apple's acquisition this year of some of the hi-tech companies.

You should listen to what McNamee said on smartphone competition.
Apple is not competing with the Palm Pre or any other smartphone line. It is competing with dumbphones because they hold the most market share.

mms is so yesterday by now. Could have used it 2 years ago on my first gen iPhone but not now. Email takes care of it all for me. I'm still on my 8gb first gen iPhone and love it. Except for the horrid 2g net speed but it works. Looking foward to tomorrow and see how it pans out. It will be a nice upgrade for me to 32 gb. I sort of like the black rubber, kind of like the bat suit armor. Thinner will mean having to upgrade my hip and vehicle holders as well. One of the rare times I'm actually looking foward to a Monday LOL.

My My My. can't wait for tomorrow! so they're keeping the 3G and bringing out the IPhone S-peed? S-urf? S-wivel? What could it be?
Oh! and shame on those who can't keep it nice. Believe it or not there are some children on this site and what kind of example are y'all setting? My son is no longer allowed to visit this site after what I just read. I will block this on his browser.

if u think about it, APPLE is genius!!! They have us wailing about geting features my 04' RAZR has. Come on, Apple needs to step up things up. video & MMS is good. But longer battery life(maybe even a removable 1) is ESSENTIAL!!! Ill jus wait till nxt yr for an upgrade. I've been w/o video and MMS for a yr and life still goes on!!!


Oh! and shame on those who can’t keep it nice. Believe it or not there are some children on this site and what kind of example are y’all setting?

I think its rather obvious that it is the children who can't keep it nice.

it wont be called the 3GS.
It will be the iPhone 3G again (just like the ipod touch wasnt renamed). It will have upgraded processor and ram, be available in 32GB capacities and will have video recording capabilites with the rear (only) 3.2mpx camera. Nothing more, nothing less.


I want to be able to write entries and add pics. I do not mean something like myspace or facebook or anything like that. I mean an actual blog

Icebike's point proven adam, thanks
apple worker..comon...give us some more, eh?I mean c'mon...IPhone ev???

iPhone Evolution!
That would be cool.
It should
Maybe it's 3GS because "S" is the 19th letter in the alphabet and it'll be released on June or July 19th!!!!
......I have too much free time


To continue producing the 3G as it is configured right now. It is not in Apple’s territory.

DISMISSED. Please close the door on your way out.

A standard needs to be created so all phones from all brands on all networks (including computers with webcams) can video call with each other. (If hardly anyone can talk with each other, like if you could only talk to other iPhone owners, it won't ever catch on)
Cell networks need to be dramatically improved to allow for anything close to wide-spread usable quality. (people need to just know that video calling will work no matter where they are before they start regularly using it. If it seems spotty, they'll just forget about it)
Until then it will be an extremely buggy, gimmicky feature that you might use to show off but when it came down to it, would sit idle. They're BARELY getting MMS standardized between different carriers (even just a few years ago it was big news that Verizon and Sprint could send pictures to each other) and phones and imagine how simple that is compared to live streaming video.
share your views at http://www.iPhone3GS.org it's just for the iPhone 3G s.

I don’t consider it’s worth buying the new iPhone 3G S, unless your carrier offers you a cheap upgrade option. The OS 3.0 will bring a lot of 3G S’ features, excepting the 7.2MBps HSPA, 3 MP camera, better processor, and a few more. If you don’t really need those features, go for the OS 3.0 and keep your current iPhone 3G.
However, fans of the iPhone are cheered when Apple's iPhone 3G S made its debut. Also, most users would like to put DVDs movie video on iPhone 3G S. I’ve found a good tutorial about import DVD / video to iphone 3GS/ iPhone 3G:http://www.daniusoft.com/tutorial/dvd-video-to-iphone-3g-s.html