WWDC Update: 3G Pics Smashed, Unboxing Trashed, Yeahbuwhat Flash? and Apple Wants Cash?

iHulk Smash 3G Rumers

Honestly, its like one of those TV cop shows where the tip lines are finally thrown wide open and everyone and their alien-proof tinfoil hat starts flooding with the calls...

First up is Engadget bringing word that the Australian NDA box and the Gizmodo iPhone (Red) and related images mentioned previously are, to quote Elaine from Seinfeld: "Fake, fake, fake... fake..."

Next up both DaringFireball and the Macalope heckle the comedy stylings of the CNN/Dow Jones-come-lately Apple pundits and their... er... seeming total lack of anything approximating industry-required knowledge:

Apple appears to be making room on the iPhone for flash memory, which means an end to Apple’s standoff with Adobe that’s kept iPhones from easily viewing a plethora of Internet videos. Apple has said that Adobe’s flash media player, which is on hundreds of other phones, doesn’t perform up to Apple’s standards for the iPhone.

Confusing NAND flash-memory storage with Adobe Flash video, eh? Gruber hits with some "flash bulb" mockage, while the 'lope gets closer to my heart with some Barry Allen and Gordon style "Flash" comic reference. Luckily, no one went with the sleazier, if more obvious, trench-coat and goulashes-style "Flasher"...

Lastly, Apple Inside claims Apple is pushing developers to charge for what the developers want to offer as free applications, if not now than sometime in the future. Some suggest this is an effort by Apple to cover the bandwidth and transaction costs of the App Store. I don't buy it. They give away tons of free, bandwidth intensive content on iTunes already like HD video podcasts.

The rumor seems to say Apple is pushing for dual versions, limited-functionality free versions as demos, with full versions as commercial -- paid for -- apps.

Uh... That's pretty much the share-ware model already...

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WWDC Update: 3G Pics Smashed, Unboxing Trashed, Yeahbuwhat Flash? and Apple Wants Cash?

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