WWDC Update: New Apple Store Signs and the Firmware's All Primed?

iPhone 2.0

First up, Engadget reportedly got their techie mitts on a leaked version of the iPhone's (final?) 2.0 firmware and are kind enough to share the following juice details:

Infineon PMB6952 / S-GOLD3 six-band UMTS / HSDPA transceiver (as we'd heard)
  • Murata LMRX3JCA-479 tri-band amplifier (we're assuming for the 3G)
  • Sony SP9T antenna switch for GSM / UMTS dual mode
  • ARM 1176JZF-S - Main CPU (same as in 1st gen iPhone)
  • Skyworks 77427 chip - UMTS / HSDPA tx 1900MHz, rx 2100MHz
  • Skyworks 77414 chip - UMTS / HSDPA 1900MHz
  • Skyworks 77413 chip - UMTS / HSDPA 850MHz
  • Internal build model number: n82ap (1st gen iPhone was model m68ap)
  • UMTS Power Saving option - on or off
  • Hooks for Global Locate Library (GLL), software that handles A-GPS related commands for the host processor

No processor speed bump is a downer, as everything from video size to MobileSafari rendering speeds are CPU bound tasks. Am I saying bye-bye to my 720p 480p dreams? And will Webkits spiffy new SquirrelFish Javascript engine make up for at least some of this (if it's included, come showtime?)

Next is word from Ars Technica that Apple Stores have received "secret" shipments and new display signs under strict orders (and lock and key!) not to be opened until D... er... WWDC day. Whatever it is Apple's announcing tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, it just may be in the building...

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WWDC Update: New Apple Store Signs and the Firmware's All Primed?


Hm. The one box makes me think "display and they'll sell later" as our official prediction stated. But I'm daring to hope that I'll have an iPhone 3G in my hands by tonight.

Best guess in order of likelihood:
1) Apple Stores get demo units and displays today, product to ship later
2) USA gets new product today, rest of the world to ship later
3) Everybody gets to do a little touch, make a little call, get 3G tonight!

I thought the iPhone 1.0 processor was underclocked? If so, is there any possibility they uncaged it and let it run free at its full 624mhz, or whatever it is?