xBackup for iPhone creates jailbroken backups quickly and easily

xBackup for iPhone is a new jailbreak tweak available in Cydia that allows you to easily create backups of all your jailbroken applications and tweaks. I have personally always dreaded restoring my iPhone and re-jailbreaking to a new firmware since the task has always been so daunting. This program sets out to make that task not so irritating anymore.

xBackup will simply save your backup as part of your iTunes backup. All you'll need to do is open xBackup, tap Backup and it will create a backup of all your Cydia packages and settings. Then sync your iPhone with iTunes. After you're done with that, upgrade or restore your iPhone like you normally would (or use PwnageTool or another custom upgrade method, however you prefer). After you are done jailbreaking again, instead of having to re-download and install all your jailbreak settings, simply download xBackup again from Cydia.

You'll simply have to open xBackup and choose the restore tab this time. You should see your last backup. Just tap it and all your Cydia settings and apps will come back down. If you don't see your backup, you'll need to make sure that you chose to restore from your most recent iTunes backup.

You can also SSH into your iPhone and save your backup somewhere on your computer as well. I'd recommend this for safe keeping.

If you guys give this a try, let us know. xBackup is currently $1.50 in Cydia. Hit the jump for a few more screenshots of xBackup in action!

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Reader comments

xBackup for iPhone creates jailbroken backups quickly and easily


Yup.... I followed your advice because I was updating to 4.3.3 yesterday, I paid for the IBye and synced my JB apps to drop box and all that just to see that it doesnt work the restore part.... Probably the worst 1.99 I've ever spent...

CoNfuSION ConFusIOn?
"If you don’t see your backup, you’ll need to make sure that you chose to restore from your most recent iTunes backup."
I thought we were NEVER EVER supposed to restore from a jailbroken backup?! Always supposed to restore as new. Something about filling up free space on the device, etc....
Can someone clarify?

thats sth I like to know too, as pckbackup saves the plist files and resources (repos) as well. very hand especially when you set up the device as NEW after JB.
so I join parabel and would kie to know if settings and repos are included in the backup.

Hmmm...I just bought PKGbackup for like $7.00. It was pretty smooth allowed me to backup text messages, photos, calendar, contacts...and has lots more controls...so I'm not too bitter that this is so much cheaper...but they will probably want to lower their price.

Oh man, I've just restore my iphone just to try this app.!! guess what I got? restoring the cydia source only!!! you know, I can put the source by my self...
Now I'll download all the apps and the themes from cydia again!!!

I got it now... :)
after installing folder Enhancer my apps come together like before...
so whenever you install your apps from cydia the setting is ready on the phone for them..

What do u meen it works now? :S i also got only my cydia sources backed up.. The whole backup process took about a sec, so someting is obviously wrong.. Any help?

Does this program really work? iTunes didn't save my backup. I manually saved it on my PC via SSH, and put the files back on the phone after a restore. Only thing is, the app still won't see them. So my backup didn't save them, and backing them up is useless? There's got to be something missing. I've searched all over the net and there's nothing about how to actually make your phone see this backup.

Doesnt work, paid the required $1.50, performed backup as per instructions, synced/backup via itunes. Updated iphone to (jailbreak) 4.3.3, restored via itunes and reinstalled xbackup. Ran xbackup and get no back up found message, searched all over for an answer, tried different itunes backup files ( i was on the latest), still the same, waste of money.

Downloaded the cracked version. Saw a little sad face. Found out this app only cost $1.50 so I bought it. Felt stupid for downloading the cracked version when its so cheap. Now I just hope it works as expected. Read mixed reviews here.

Another disappointed customer. Wasted $1.50 I guess. Just jailbroke, reinstalled xbackup, and it shows no backed up files even though I did back up and I did a sync with iTunes before proceeding with jailbreak.
Also, it tells you where the files are supposed to be saved--that's great, but it doesn't tell you how to get them back into xbackup. A bit more of a "how to" would be very beneficial here.

I was just about to purchase this app but all the bad reviews are killing it for me. I just want the damn thing to work.

Not buy. I've been very disappointed this app never works for me, I lose all my data every time I make an upgrade

Worked well for me on 3 different devices: iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, iPod touch 4. Well worth the $1.50 and saved so much time. I've been jbing since 2.2.1 and I should've got something like this a long time ago. Not sure what u guys are doing wrong but openssh ur back up to ur computer if you don't back it up to the server first.

xBackup works wonderfully well. I was able to restore my packages from my iPhone to a new iPad in one hit.
I didn't bother with the iTunes restore. I use SSH/FTP'd into my iPhone to grab the backup and
copied it to the same location on my iPad. Hit restore and waited a few minutes and found
everything present. Cheers for a great app.
Mac users that want to give my method a try, I use CyberDuck as my favorite FTP app. PC users,
adapt as appropriate.
Part 1: Making the backup
1. Install xBackup on your device and make a backup. (The backup data is stored on your iDevice)
2. Find your device Wifi IP address. I suggest opening SB Settings (available on Cydia). (Install it if you haven't already).
3. You'll also need to have OpenSSH installed. (also available on Cydia)
4. Use Cyberduck to FTP into your iDevice with settings:
- Choose SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
- Server: YourWifi-IP-addrHere
- Username: root
*you'll be prompted to type your password. It's 'alpine' by default. You did change it didn't you?
5. Navigate to /var/mobile/Library/CyBackup/Backups and copy the files there to your computer.
Part 2: Restoring the data
6. On the device you are restoring to, install xBackup, SB Settings and OpenSSH.
7. Run xBackup and make a backup once so the backup folder is created on your iDevice, then close xBackup.
8. Use Cydia to navigate to /var/mobile/Library/CyBackup/Backups/
9. Delete the backup files present that where made in step 7.
10. Copy the files from your computer to the 'Backups' folder.
11. Relaunch xBackup and restore from the backup data. It may take a few minutes to restore all Apps.
YMMV... Good luck fellow jailbreakers ;-)

Update to my last post: Everything appeared to have worked fine with a whole slew of Cydia apps installed in one go but problems arised after a full reboot.
Icon placements have become corrupted and a good handful apps now either crash and quit or make my iPad reboot.
I'm guessing it's because i restored and iPad from an iPhone backup.
I'm still willing to bet restoring iPhone to iPhone or iPad to iPad will work.
YMMV... best of luck

I tried to restore using xbackup. First I changed the mac address on my iphone then I restore it from my itunes back. I then did a rejailbreak and added xbackup but it didnt have my backup saved that I made. So I shshed the backup I saved to my desktop into my phone. Opened xbackup then hit restore. It said restore complete but It hasn't added anything from the backup to my phone yet. How long does this whole process take? It's already been an half hour already. Is there a step I missed or something? Can anybody give me some feedback on this. Thank you in advance.

i went from 4.3.3 on my iphone and did my xbackup. and went to 4.3.5 and rejailbroke my phone and ALL my backups that i had done before i did that are all gone!!! so all my cydia apps and saved stuff is GONE. how can i recover those lost backup that i saved on 4.3.3 ?

same thing just happened to me i went from 4.3.3 to 5 and all my backups are gone i backed it up literally right before i updated and gone

I went from 4.3.3 to 5 and xbackup will not even start on my phone... it just closes as soon as it opens... contacted the author and no response.

"If you don’t see your backup, you’ll need to make sure that you chose to restore from your most recent iTunes backup."
Please read carefully. I also thought that I lost all my data. But It wasn't. I didn't read it all before i started. My bad...

"If you don’t see your backup, you’ll need to make sure that you chose to restore from your most recent iTunes backup."
Please read carefully. I also thought that I lost all my data. But It wasn't. I didn't read it all before i started. My bad...

When I went to download xBackup, a pop up says 'One or more essential packages are currently out of date. If these upgrades are not performed you are likely to encounter errors.'
Then I have the options to
Upgrade Essential
Complete Upgrade
Ignore (Temporary)
What do I do? It's on an iphone 3g

Another disappointed customer. I don't know if it's because I updated from 4.3.5 to ios 5 but xbackup did not work. Luckily I emailed the backup to my self so I was able to copy it to the backup folder but it still did nothing. It made me go into safe mode and now I can't get out of it. Useless app! Don't waste your money!

When you say 'sync with iTunes' do you just mean create a backup, or do you have to sync all of your apps etc?

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