XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Elite Edition ships for Mac

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Elite Edition ships for Mac Feral Interactive has released XCOM: Enemy Unknown for the Mac. The turn-based tactical role-playing game, originally developed by Firaxis, appears in a Mac-exclusive "Elite Edition" that combines previously-released downloadable content including the Slingshot and Elite Soldier Packs along with the Second Wave update.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a brand new game inspired by the classic X-COM: UFO Defense. New story, new enemies and new technologies, hostile aliens, what's not to love? You must defend Earth from a global alien onslaught. The game also features LAN and online multiplayer support.

System requirements have been posted to Feral's Web site - make sure to check them out before you drop money on the game.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Elite Edition ships for Mac


I got this game for Christmas for the PC and it was great. Hope those of you who buy the Mac version enjoy it as much as I did.

A game that is basically given out for free on the PC is finally available on the Mac for $50 and to make it extra special, it's not steam compatible! Just like the good old days of Mac gaming.