XGear SHADOW case for iPad review

XGear SHADOW case for iPad is for those who want a tough exterior case for the back of their iPad but want to keep the front completely open for easy access. so, yes, it's pretty much identical to the XGear Folio case for iPad I looked at earlier... without the front cover.

It's black, it's got a futuristic diagonal ridge texture going on, and while -- again -- it probably wouldn't stop a bullet it does seem strong enough to repel most bumps, bashes, scratches, and scrapes that come anywhere near your iPad.

While I worried the four small corner tabs wouldn't be enough to secure it safely and persistently to my iPad, it's been snug for more than a couple of weeks now and shows no signs of letting go until I make it. The corners also double as mini bumpers to protect the sides of your iPad.

If you want something slick and sleek to keep the unibody aluminum back of your iPad in mint condition, check out the XGear SHADOW case for iPad available from the TiPb iPad Accessory Store.


  • Carbon outer wrap is tough
  • Looks good.


  • Not as tight fitting as a skin

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XGear SHADOW case for iPad review


Not sure if you are aware but you can also use the Shadow as a front screen protector when carrying it.
I have been using this case for almost 2 months, it's nice but nowhere as nice in looks or quality to their MacBook Pro Shadow case

Once you go OtterBox, you never go back. Later do a research; in other hands the use that Toronto pointed out really took my attention to combine super light-way screen protection.