xGPS 1.2 For Jailbroken iPhones Now Available

A few weeks back we introduced you to a little Jailbreak app called xGPS. This is the first app available to bring turn-by-turn directions to your iPhone. It has just been updated to version 1.2 and seems to be much more polished overall. The biggest improvement is this version is of course, voice instructions support. To those of you who have not interested in Jailbreaking, are you tempted now?

Everybody would say: Finally! Yes, xGPS 1.2 has been released. The version has been sent to the MMI repository and will be available within some hours. It should be in everybody’s Cydia as the MMI repository is installed by default. Just do a refresh within some hours and xGPS should pop up. This version of xGPS has required us a lot of hours of work. We have tried to bring the most advanced and stable navigation software for the iPhone / iPod touch. However, even if we have made our best, you have to keep in mind that this software is free but not bug free. If you experience such a bug feel free to ask in the forum but do not say “It doesn’t work, it’s crappy”.

It's important to remember, this application is only available to those of you who are Jailbroken. For all of the details be sure to stop by the xGPS Blog!

[Thanks to all of you who sent this in!]

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Reader comments

xGPS 1.2 For Jailbroken iPhones Now Available


I saw and upgraded to this release yesterday. It does still have some annoying bugs and behaviors. You can search for locations using a really handy interface, but can't do anything else -- like transition to getting directions to a found location from there. You can't search properly for items in the drections view... it either has to be in your contacts list or you must enter a specific address. At least the "current location" starting point bug is gone. :)
All that aside, I used it for some driving I was doing between known locations, so I wasn't really relying upon it to get me anywhere but testing to see how well it performed. And on this measure it actually does fairly well. A few observations:

  • the map rotation is a bit odd, though not especially distracting
  • it's nice that I can see where I am on the map, or on the route, but having a direction indicator would perhaps make it a bit less disorienting
  • despite having English and "miles" scale selected, the voice propts still gave meters as the distance reported.
  • it detected my divergence from the route fairly quickly, but seemed slow to recalculate new directions in some cases. In others it was fairly quick... perhaps a signal of network impact to performance.

Overall, I say this ia a fine effort... especially considering it's free! I'm very much looking forward to what will come next from this development. If it's this good pretty much out of the gate it will be a very nice app indeed after a few more cycles.
I hate to get on my soapbox, but where are all the commercial developers and Apple on this? I feel as if Apple is willingly lagging on delivering quality software and (AppStore-capable) SDK offerings to developers... and to customers' detriment. More than a few times I've heard people wow at certain applications (Cycorder is another that comes to mind) only to have to tell them they can't get these from the AppStore and must jailbreak to get this functionality.

My only knock is the lack of transition from search to directions as mentioned. Otherwise amazing update (added by Mobile using Mippin)

Another GPS is the last thing that would sway me to jailbreak. I prefer my GPS be separate from my phone, anyway. I don't need to be interupted with phone calls if I'm lost and trying to find my way. :roll:

If i wanted to get this for my ipod touch.. where can i get one of those GPS modules that was shown in the video.. anyone know??
Thanks in advance!

I’ve just updated my IPhone to xGPS 1.2.0
Indeed , I can see the improvements but….
Unfortunately , I’m living in Romania , where Google has the most poor map from Europe .With previous version , I could use the maps imported from GMDL program (Google combined with Open Street) , maps to the limit of decency .
But now I see those maps are notsupported anymore by version 1.2
WHAT TO DO then ?

It's cool but still not worth the risk (IMHO) of jailbreaking. I'm hopeful that G-Map will continue to make significant upgrades, if their past history is any indication.

There's a risk when you Jailbreak? Tell me, that's the risk? If your phone bricks (which is very unlikely), you connect it to iTunes and you're back in business.

Just the problems that I've been reading about in the forums. I can't give you specific examples off the top of my head since I've never tried it. IMO, it's just not worth the effort; the phone is awesome already and it's always being upraded. But whatever works for you; you want to jailbreak your phone, go for it. I choose not to, so I won't.

Defects and all...it gets the job done and definitely beats having to stare down to know where to turn next.
A pleasant voice would be nice too.

All in all, it is a good first effort. My favorite bug is that the text to speach does not always translate abbreviations the way it should. For example St. Becomes "saint", not "street", and NE isn't "northeast" it becomes "Nebraska". This makes it difficult when you are instructed to turn in 150 meters on "132rd saint Nebraska" instead of "132nd street northeast".
I actually love the bug. It gives it personality!

The application is a good first effort. But the Gps world has moved on from the Mapopolis days and that's what this program reminds me of. My advice to anyone is to get yourself a dedicated $40.00 Windows CE type GPS and put ie TomTom, IGO or Garmin on it.
Please still help the author by posting feedbacks.

I've been using XGPS 1.2.7 on my Iphone 3G Ver 3.0 for the lat 2-3 days. I have downloaded maps of my City in all zoom levels and transferred them to my Iphone. I am in New Delhi. The XGPS works well. I get driving instructions from Current Position to a searched place.
I've looked all over and can't find the following :

  1. How do i bookmark my current position ? It seems you can bookmark only the Points available in Search. I haven't figured out how to bookmark anything.
  2. How do I set my current position as Home ???
    In Settings-Driving Directions - Home Address You can either Search or use a location from the Address Book Address.

My current position outside my house is shown perfectly on the map. Now how do I bookmark this and make this my Home Address
I might be dumb, cause i've looked all over and can't seem to find any way to do this.
I tried to save my current position to my Name Entry in the Phone Book in the default Maps App in the Iphone 3G
After this In XGPS when I set the Home Address by choosing my Name in Phonebook, the home address points to the Cellular Tower near me, not my house.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks to the developers of XGPS for the wonderful Application.

I read xGPS 1.3 is available. Anyone know where?
When will xGPS 2.0 from the iTunes Appstore be available?