xGPS Brings Turn-by-Turn Directions to iPhone Via Jailbreak

So you've been on the fence about Jailbreaking recently, maybe this is enough to sway you? Once again, a 3rd party developer has come through for all of us and has delivered a working turn-by-turn GPS solution!

xGPS uses Google Maps and add it's own real-time navigation readout and a voice. Seriously, how hard could this have been for Google or Apple to add for us? Another nice feature is the ability to download maps ahead of time. So that means even first generation iPhone users can get in on some turn-by-turn action.

So how many of you are going to Jailbreak now? Let us know!

*UPDATE: The newest version with vocalization is expected to be available within the next week. Be sure to check out the xGPS Blog.

[Via Gizmodo via ModMyi]

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Reader comments

xGPS Brings Turn-by-Turn Directions to iPhone Via Jailbreak


Wow, the iPhone is connected to the car radio using a tape/3.5mm jack adapter. Thats a nice technology contrast... haha

Hold your horses! This is only something that might be mistaken for a proper turn-by-turn navigation app trough a very superficial view.
It is far far away from usability yet. If you like, you can read more on my blog. But don't jailbreak your device for this software only, it absolutely ain't worth the effort (yet?)

@Bebef, this works perfectly fine. If you are saying it's not proper due to the fact that it simply uses Google Maps well then I guess you'd be correct. But it works fine for me.

@Jeffdc5, I can honestly say I have NEVER had a single iPhone get permanently messed up from a simple jailbreak. And I've unlocked/jailbroke a LOT of phones. If something goes wrong from a jailbreak, 99% of the time you can put it back to it's normal state without issue. If you need help on the forums you can find me there. Bad Ash

Maps is great and I use it quite often...this is all that it was missing and what I've been waiting for <3
Thanks for letting us know! because to be honest I rarely check cydia so I probably wouldn't have known for a while.

@jeremy same here my iPhone has always been jailbroken and my girl's iPhone never had an issue I always wait for the latest pwnage tool and 20 minutes later fun fun fun. Any issues with jb is user error

@iDutch latest changes are Jan.20 but I'm still not seeing it there. I'm looking for xgps is it listed under a different name?

@Dean, if your latest changes show Jan.20 there's something wrong (no clue what), cause it should show February 11.
It's listed as xGPS
Try refreshing it or something like that.

Duh, u guys do realize that the voice turn by turn will not be released until 2/20th right?
So there is no reason to go gaga over it now... Funny how the article acts as if though the voice turn by turn is available now.
ETA IS 2/20.

People who are afraid of jailbreaking are, in my mind, the same sort who are afraid of using Firefox because "IE is what came with my computer!".
I prefer the control, the "fill in the gaps" apps, the ability to look under the hood.

@Brad Zimmerman:
Wrong. I've never used IE in my life. Jailbreakers are, in my mind, the same sort of people who have broken down cars in their garages for years (which had no problems to begin wirh) because they're tinkerers. That's for not keeping your ridiculous analogies to yourself. Your comment provokes such a response.
Not everyone who refuses to jailbreak is "afraid" to. Some of us just don't need (or want) the added features... or the geekdom.

Am i the only one having the app crash on start up. And do we need anything external to use this app on the iphone 3G

Sad that this comment thread has turned into a "Should I Jailbreak" fight.
WIthout question, the benefits outweigh the costs, but a cost is the possible time lost when you don't know what you're doing. Therefore, if you know what you're doing, you should jailbreak. If you don't, you still should, but probably won't.

Steve your a moron, all jailbreaking does is install 2 icons on your homescreen. Its not complicated at all. Basically 2 super powered app stores at that. I've never had to restore because of a problem. Plus if you don't like it, you have you can have your same boring phone back within 2 minutes. SBSettings is worth it alone.

I don't know why people are so concerned on whether others jailbreak or not it's so silly. Steve has no business commenting on jailbreaking or making unfounded assumptions about the people who do.......since clearly has no clue what he's talking about.

@Jarett: I never said having any apps was geek worthy. You can't read. Therefore, that makes you the tool. Sorry to make an fool of you. You asked for it.
@Brooks: I never said jailbreaking was "complicated." I answered the blog's question of whether this app would convince people to jailbreak. I said "no" because of the horror stories I've read. That's not the same as thinking it's complicated, and by the looks of your sentence structures and grammar, I can assure you I'm much brighter than you are. Perhaps reading people's comments here are too complicated for you (and others). Sorry to make a complete fool out of you too, moron. :lol:
@Ana: Brad made a ridiculous assumption about non-jailbreakers, so I made a ridiculous assumption about jailbreakers. Guess you can't read either. If you had read my original post correctly, you'd clearly see Brad Zimmerman started an argument that neither he, nor the rest of you, can comprehend or finish. Sorry you don't have a clue. Part of being young and dumb, I guess. :roll:
:) Next!

I read the "argument" and you both made silly assumptions so i guess you both are on the same boat. If I were to guess your age based on your ridiculous, rude and biased comments(and most are) i'd say you were about.....14....15 max...you need to reevaluate your yourself silly boy.

Steve...this is a forum for those of us that ENJOY "tinkering" with this great piece of technology. You demonstrate your ignorance in regards to jailbreaking by making statements that imply there is some sort of risk In doing so. I myself have restored my phone numerous times for many reasons. How plainly can I put this..:..you sir are a know-it-all c@nt. Right now, I wish there was a jailbroken application that would result in you losing a pet in a housefire. Stop trashing people pn this thread and go engage in an activity that will result in your heart failing, ok?

@Johnny Boy: I read the first ten words of your comment and don't need to read anymore. I made a comment answering the blog question. I was attacked and called names for defending an argument I didn't start. If that's beyond the realm of your thought process, that's your problem not mine. Whatever you went on to say, you're incorrect and I feel sorry for you. But, your name suits you well.
@Ana: Ahh, I see... it's okay for YOU to make assumptions? You're defeated... again. ;)

So you read " Steve, this is a forum for those of us that" then just quit. Liar. You were aware that you were insulted later in the post so don't give me your I'm above all this nonsense attitude, you did read and felt the need to respond. You are not above those of us that disagree with you; you started this by insulting posters by calling them tools. People who do a little " tinkering" instead of just taking the words of others that couldn't figure out how to restore their machines are not sage or informed, they are just pussies with a limited mind for troubleshooting.
Ps. Don't feel sorry for me, I can afford another iPhone if I take this one past the point of no return, bitch
Pps: johnny boy gomes is a bad ass ok school surfer it you must know.... Just keep on playin it safe, limpdick....

I just noticed you were called a tool first, so I will concede that to you...please accept my sincerest apologies. With that being said....Your mother's c@nt.

Please stop with all of the personal insults. It's getting old. Please stay on topic or we will just kill the comments.

@Johnny, that was not directed at one person. discussing the post is fine but when personal attacks start to take place its not fair to other readers who have to read through all of the garbage posts.
Thanks for understanding.

No worries, Jeremy....you probably should have with my pottymouth :-). I was only doing it to defend Ana's honor, I promise. Ok, I'm done. Thanks for the info btw.

So anyways, back to the situation at hand, is anyone getting an error that says "No driving directions can be computed using your query"?? Any address I try gives me this error and it is annoying - anyone else have this happen or better yet know what to do?

She was being sarcastic "silly boy" ..... You remind us in almost every comment that you're old...... time to start acting like it buddy
Anyone actually have this app installed ? Without it crashing ?

@Chris: I also get the “No driving directions can be computed using your query” error. I have reinstalled xgps twice and still no dice. Maybe it will be fixed when the update comes, along with voice navigation.

Same here. Can't compute using your query. But, as the note originally said. Turn by turn expected feb 20th, so I'm not bothered by the fact that it's not working yet. On another story I read about this, it was ver 1.2 beta that the story writer was testing which included it. The version loaded on Cydia now is 1.1. So, I think we just wait patiently folks. If this is a free app, that will give us TbT directions, I can wait. Heck, we already waited this long (no thanks to Apple).

For those of you who don't know what your talking about, I work for apple as an iPhone tech support agent, and the jailbreak does much more than "add two apps to your home screen". The thing that normally permanently wrecks your phone when it is jailbroken are things that change power management on the device. For example there are things you can download to your phone that claim to boost reception. They do this by routing more power to the antennae. Which can actually cause the antennae to overheat and melt. Yes, I said melt. This is why jailbreaking your phone voids your a warranty with apple.

Hey lame apple guy. I heard that this guy did a jailbreak on his iphone and it exploded in his pants pocket castrating him. Oh wait that is you with no balls.

Woah, hold on. Sending more power to your antennae than it is designed to withstand can overheat it and cause it to melt?! YOU DON'T SAY!

@SteveT: If your company wasn't such a money hording evil bunch, I might be prepared to beleive you... but my phone has been jailbroken since I bought it, works fine...
@Steve: At first I thought you worked for Apple, then I realised there is no way Apple would have someone as stupid as you in their employ. In fact I doubt you could even get a job in Mc Donalds... Then I realised, you probably don't even have an iPhone, because if you did, there is no way that you would be happy with the way Apple limits its potential just coz they want even more of your money!

@ SteveT - Hah - that's funny - try to throw some FUD at people who may be hesitant about jailbreaking...Let me just say that the people who write the jailbreak software and develop the apps for Cydia know the iPhone better than Apple itself - power management improves...and you can gain more granular control over power management and every other aspect of the device. If I'm going to pay $500 for a piece of equipment, then I expect it to perform to it's full potential and there is NO OTHER WAY to get the full iPhone experience than by jailbreaking. Apple is stupid - they can kiss my butt - I can't believe they don't offer a tbt GPS solution in the app store, or a wireless modem tether, or any other number of things you can only get via jailbreak. Oh well - doesn't bother me - I have put my jailbroken phone through it's paces again and again and I am SO glad I jailbroke it.

I know I am late tu this thread but I can't find it by searching cydia or under changes. Has it been removed?