Yahoo News Digest serves up two daily helpings of headlines directly to your iPhone

Yahoo News Digest serves up two daily helpings of headlines directly to your iPhone

Yahoo News Digest aims to bring two daily digital distributions worth of news from a variety of different sources to your iPhone twice a day. Headlines span several different categories and are automatically updated for you each day at 8am and 6pm local time.

If you're the type of person that doesn't necessarily like to check for news compulsively or set up news feeds on your own, Yahoo News Digest gives you a new option. Categories included in Yahoo News Digest are world, politics, sports, US news, arts, and more.

In each digest you'll find the top 9 stories for that time of day. If you want to read more, you can pull up to reveal more stories. It seems as if the categories will change every time and aren't equally spread out, probably in order to make sure the top headlines are getting served up, regardless of the category. If you've got some extra time, you can scroll to the bottom of each digest and pull upwards in order to view even more news.

Obviously apps like Yahoo News Digest are very subjective and won't work for everyone. If you just want the top headlines twice a day, it may work for you. If you like to read news that is more specified to topics that you care about, another [iPhone news app]( is probably a better option.

If you've tried out Yahoo News Digest, let us know whether you'll be using it regularly by dropping a comment below. Why or why not?

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Yahoo News Digest serves up two daily helpings of headlines directly to your iPhone


I don't feel this would be interesting to me as it seems very limiting. With so many options available, and so many options with a lot of them, I can't see this as a success.

Time will tell...

The App is well designed (As was Summly) and the summarized news does seem to hit all the necessary points. However, 8 AM is far too late in the day to be delivering the morning news. I'm up at 5 and scrolling through twitter by 5:15. If I don't have the news delivered by then, I click through tweeted links. Yahoo needs to have an option for the two delivery times within a range.

Hello, this is very important news and really informative for us. Social research and media technologies are developing day by day and brought the world closer to us. This news is very inspiring, motivating, and interesting. Thanks a lot for sharing the info.