Yahoo really really wants to be the default search engine for iPhones and iPads

Yahoo search on iPhone

Fire up Safari on your iPhone or iPad today and you'll most likely find Google as the default search engine — but if Yahoo has their way that might change. Users have the option to change from Google to other search providers such as Bing or Yahoo, but Google's had the default spot locked down for some time thanks to the handsome sum they've been paying Apple for the privilege. But Microsoft's Bing is the default search used in Siri, so count that as a win for Redmond. Yahoo isn't too happy that Google holds the crown jewel default search in Safari, and they're apparently aiming to convince Apple to change that.

Re/code has learned from sources at Yahoo that the company has plans to aggressively change their mobile strategy. At Yahoo there is project aimed at building a viable mobile search engine and monetization platform. Yahoo hopes to use this platform to convince Apple to change the default search on iOS to their offering.

No deals or announcements are expected soon, instead this is just an internal goal for Yahoo. Considering the likely exorbitant amount that Google is paying for the privilege of being the default in Safari, it'd likely be an expensive one for Yahoo to achieve as well. But we're curious nonetheless: do you, or would you, use any other search engine in Safari besides Google?

Source: Re/code

Maybe the plan was hatched something like this? - Rene

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Yahoo really really wants to be the default search engine for iPhones and iPads


Nope. Really hate everything about Yahoo, especially their mailing system, so.. go home Yahoo. You're drunk.

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I change mine to bing. Mainly because of their reward program. I manage to get a free month of Hulu most months.

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The reward options are pretty awesome. I usually opt for an Amazon gift cards, but for the summer I might save up some points and redeem Hulu Plus credit. For basic searches, Bing is just as reliable as Google. I only ever really need to switch to Google for very specific searches, which don't happen often.

I agree ... If Apple makes Yahoo the default search engine.. I'll simply change it to Google. The accuracy of Google and it's search predictions based on keywords is still unmatched and it will only take me seconds to bring Google back to default.

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To Richard: All Apple cares about is money? Way off the mark. Anyway I don't trust google anymore. So I try to not use them anything. I wasn't feeling bing, so now I use Yahoo

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As a business, Apple's first and only priority is money. The same goes for any business. I'd say, if you can't grasp that, then you're the one that's way off the mark.

You need an education on how public for-profit corporations work. You think Apple chose Microsoft and Google because they offer a superior product?

Well google for search is pretty much superior to every other search out there. Now bing is a different story

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If Apple change default search engine to yahoo they better leave the ability to change to Google or they will loose many customers. I dislike yahoo, refuse to use them for anything.

I'm sorry, but you're crazy, if you think you have any privacy on the Internet (regardless of search engine).

Exactly. This whole privacy concern is rather humorous. The internet is public so expecting privacy is absurd.

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I use Bing as my daily driver on iPhone and iPad. I think it looks better than Google and it gets the job done just as well

I always change my default search engine to Yahoo from day one. I've always been a Yahooligan plus the fact I hate Google.

Yahoo is lame and the results aren't as good as Google. Let's face it, all three of these megacorps (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft) are going to use your data to their economic advantage and, if requested, hand it over to the appropriate intelligence agency in the name of "national security." Welcome to the twenty-first century, everyone! hahaha

As long as there's the option to change it back to Google then I don't care what the 'default' is.

If there isn't an option then I just won't use it as Yahoo Search sucks almost as much as Bing does, and Bing sucks hard.

I didn't realise that Siri used Bing but that would explain why the search function is just plain awful. I thought it was down to the functionality of Siri but now I know the real reason.

"But we're curious nonetheless: do you, or would you, use any other search engine in Safari besides Google?"

I use DuckDuckGo search in desktop Safari, Yahoo search on iOS, and the DuckDuckGo app on iOS. I've already dumped Google search.

So maybe the real reason why Apple developed the iOS Maps app (and the OS X Maps app) is to be ready for the possible loss of Google Maps on iOS. Google might do something stupid like remove Google Maps from the iOS App Store if and when Apple makes Yahoo! search the default.

Google might kill iOS Google Maps in protest, because, well, what else could they do in protest? (Disable Google Mail for iOS devices? Exhume Google Wave, turn it into a free iOS app, then try to trick iOS users into downloading it from the App Store? LOL.) No, if they kill iOS Google Maps, they'd be losing whatever revenue they get from Google Maps on iOS, which would just compound the injury.

I've heard that Google makes more revenue from iOS ads than they do from the entire Android project. True? Anybody?

I've heard that Google makes more from iOS as well. Google pulling Google Maps from iOS would hurt them much more than it hurts Apple. They'd be losing a major source of revenue.

Just as an FYI, Google doesn't make their apps available on iOS as any sort of a good will gesture. It's because they want to be in the most lucrative markets. Their iOS apps make them a lot of money, why would they want to pull them?

OMG! I almost spit out my coffee when I read that headline! Yahoo has absolutely no redeeming value. Give me Google or, rarely, Bing any day.

Like others have said, I think it's all about money. Apple will set the default to whatever service pays them the most as long as it doesn't turn people away. I doubt that most people would notice a switch from Google to Bing or Yahoo. I assume that Google will do whatever it takes to keep it as the default for iOS; it's probably a considerable amount of add revenue for them. Google doesn't care about Siri search since it doesn't make money for them. Microsoft does care because it gets their "brand" out there.

As for me, I don't notice much difference in the results between the three. I use Bing just to give the search underdog some help.

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I imagine Marissa Meyer doing that laugh every time Yahoo is mentioned. I don't think I want to be a part of that.

Oh and Bing > Google search. Two reasons: That awesome video search for porn and just doing regular searches is likely enough to net you a free Hulu Plus subscription monthly (or whatever else you want to spend points on).

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Google has been the staple of search for so long, it is now nomenclature. I prefer Google for search every time. I don't mind Bing, and when I've used it, I find what I am searching for. But, the fact that there is a rewards system for using comes across as desperate. As far as Yahoo is concerned, I run for the hills. Their mail service is horrific, so I refuse to use anything by them.

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Search on mobile is changing its face and interface as we know it.
Day by day, search is becoming more personalized and more contextual. Yahoo! can win only if it will offer an even more personalized and contextual search results than Google or Bing.
Yahoo is buying plenty of interesting startups, I am eager to see if and how Yahoo! plans to close the gap with Google and Bing; how they plan to play Leader Vs. follow the leader.

Whenever someone uses their yahoo mail on my ipad safari switches automatically to yahoo as the search engine. I keep having to change it back because the video search features are more limited on yahoo. Switching without my consent is enough reason for me to not use yahoo.