Yahoo releases Yahoo! Weather for iPhone

Yahoo releases Yahoo! Weather for iPhone

Yahoo has released a brand new weather application for iPhone, presenting a great deal of information with a crisp, clean user interface. Opening the app displays a large photo from near your location, and the current temperature is prominently displayed, with the high, low, and current conditions sitting atop it.

Scrolling down will reveal the hour-by-hour forecast for the next twelve hours, and below that sits the outline of the next five days. Further down, you will find the “Detail” panel, which shows the current atmospheric conditions, humidity, and visibility, along with a written description of what to expect that day and that night. There is also a map of your area that can be expanded to take up the entire screen, displaying temperature, wind conditions, and radar, as well as precipitation, wind/air pressure, and sunrise/sunset panels. Every one of the panels under the forecast section can be rearranged by grabbing and holding the upper right-hand corner and dragging to your desired position.

Tapping the menu button in the upper left corner slides your content over to show you your available cities, allowing you to edit which ones you see. Under that you’re given a list of Yahoo’s other iPhone apps, with links to view them in the App Store or open any of them you have installed. You can also change units from Fahrenheit to Celsius under “Settings”, send feedback, and, of course, rate the app.

Yahoo has created an app that is very slick and user friendly, while at the same time being very information-rich. This is a solid weather app that will get you the weather information you need, when you need it, they way you want it. If you want to check it out, it’s available in the App Store right now for free.

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Reader comments

Yahoo releases Yahoo! Weather for iPhone


Even better, Apple should define a stock weather contract/interface for developers, and let any App that passes a more stringent review process be designatable to replace that stock weather app. Probably will not happen, as I cannot see any benefit to Apple, but I certainly would like that :)

Agrees. This is a beautiful looking app. I always add Anaheim, CA and Lake Buena Vista, FL as locations. Love that the background for Anaheim is Sleeping Beauty's Castle!

I've been using the Weather Channel app for over a year and I have to say, they last two major updates have been very disappointing. I mainly used it for the radar which I get the most out of. I'm going to give Yahoo! a try now and hopefully I will have found my Weather Channel replacement.

I had the weather channel app before the last disgusting update they did. they basically kept the nice app prior to having us update their "updated" app, into a paid app for a low price of $3.99 (whaaaaaa??). And they made it horrendous looking as well as removed the tweet of it. Luckily I had a brain and thought hmmmm, i haven't synced my phone or ipod on my computer (which updates the apps), so I deleted the "updated" weather channel app, and went into itunes and did some undercover thing to get the older app installed on my phone again. Phew. back to the way I liked it, and FREE!! Never updated it again!!!!!

But I really do hope, that the revamp of iOS will bring THIS new Yahoo weather into it....because if people are saying this is beautiful, then I cannot wait for iOS 7. Stock iOS 6 and below weather app is just so terribly ugly and boring (and never updates as much, usually get an update failed for my area hmmm).....and hopefully because Apple and Yahoo have been in talks recently, that they incorporate it into iOS 7. Can't wait.

Not bad. I like the photos it uses. Needs radar animation and map pins. I like where Yahoo is going with their latest iOS apps!

edit: their radar portion is broken. It's showing info from about 6-12 hours ago.

I agree. I hope Apple ditches that in iOS 7. I've not downloaded this but it looks quite interesting. Nice job to Yahoo!

Doesn't the stock weather app get its info from yahoo weather anyway? The app is more detailed but if all you need is current temperature then it appears to be the same.

Exactly! Even tho this app has a clean interface and looks nice, the info is worthless cause its as inaccurate as the stock app. Shame....

Be nice if we could hide stock iOS apps from the home screen. Then I wouldn't have to have a bunch of weather apps and maps apps and anything else that's been improved upon the standard version. Lets home Yahoo! makes this for iPad ASAP as strangely enough I check the weather on there more than I do my iPhone. Odd that Apple didn't include an iOS Weather App on the iPads?

Wow. Rare is the new app that can displace one of my home screen apps but I love this yahoo weather app and it now lives on my home screen. Really nice job yahoo.

Nitpick: the app icon is garish and ugly, and the yahoo! branding on it is a turn off. It's still staying on my home page but I hate the icon.

It definitely looks great. I like the layout better than the weather Chanel's app. However, it doesn't have moving radar. That's about all I look at anymore, so that's going to be a deal breaker. I'll leave it in a folder somewhere so I'm alerted to updates though.

Wow, this is a cool app. I wish it could take the place of the OEM application so that it can be more integrated with the iOS.

Downloaded this afternoon. So far I really like the app. Very clean UI. I wonder if Apple will incorporate this in iOS 7 given the recent Yahoo discussions.

Okay. You got me. One too many great reviews here for me NOT to go check this out! the AppStore! Thanks iMore-ites.(?)

This is an interesting app by Yahoo. It's time for the yahoo to bring something a give google a run. Good for Yahoo.

Love the interface!!! BUT... The forecast is completely off. It's showing partly cloudy whereas it is actually pouring down rain outside and the temperature is almost 10 degrees off. The map images will not fully load and what does looks to be 5-10 hours behind. The conditions in close by cities seem to be off as well for comparison. I have closed the app out in multi-tasking and even rebooted my phone but no look. Will try to uninstall and reinstall. If that doesn't work I guess I'll stick with the Weather Channel app for now until they roll some updates. It's a pity. :(

Great and unique app! I love it! But why the Map option is absent in my iPhone 4 with iOS 5? Could it be because it is iOS 5?

Yahoo! Weather for ios 6.1.4 installed in Iphone 5 but menu button do not work. the picture move to right side and nothing to see.
anyone can help?