Yahoo! Weather gets updated, now available on the iPad

Once of the best looking weather apps you'll find anywhere, Yahoo! Weather, has received an update today which brings new sharing features and at long last proper iPad support. It's a universal app, so no additional download is required, and it looks even more stunning on the larger screen than on the iPhone.

Sharing allows you to share screenshots of your current weather – and the gorgeous Flickr provided backgrounds – via Mail, Messages, Facebook and Twitter. On the iPhone you'll find Share in the slide out sidebar, while on the larger screen of the iPad the standard sharing icon is also present.

Grab it now from the App Store at the link below, and do let me know what you think of the new iPad version.

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Richard Devine

Senior Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy

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Reader comments

Yahoo! Weather gets updated, now available on the iPad


Totally agree with your question. Used to use Yahoo weather and after waiting for about a year with no temperature badge update, I reluctantly switched over to eWeather HD; no regrets. They are very impressive; give them a try, I think you will like it.

I would rather see the temperature integrated into the icon, but Apple won't allow that.

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There are weather apps that do that (eWeather, Fahrenheit, Aero, LivingEarth, etc). Check your sources.

I am pretty sure they meant integrated into the icon itself ("integrated into the icon") not a badge on the icon. Look at the calendar icon where the date changes.

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So tired of this app being so buggy. Not to mention the "feels like" temp is always exactly what the absolute temp is. Up here in the frozen north, knowing your wind chill is pretty important!

I was so excited to see this... I've been waiting a looong time. Then I saw the app. It just looks like an iPhone app at 2x on our [1st gen] mini. Worse than the iPhone, really. The names of places on the map are HUGE... "Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge" takes up about 40% of the screen. I can't see any weather for the city namage. (Doh!)

That's what I thought, too. Big disappointment. It even had the 1x/2x button. Then all of a sudden when I re-opened it, there was a "real" iPad app! Same as the iPhone but a full, retina image. Freakin' gorgeous. Bye bye TWC.

No joy for me. I even rebooted the mini. The app still doesn't occupy the full extents of the screen and the map names are gigantic.

Check for an update. The App Store has a habit of downloading old versions then requiring you to update. Happened to me this morning downloading this.

There is a proper full on iPad version in there. Somewhere.

So I go back to the App Store, I search for Yahoo Weather, and then I check the "Related" tab to find an app named "Yahoo Weather". When I touched that, I saw an option to update.
Aaah, this looks much better.
Good call, Richard.

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Apple really needs to allow us to use Yahoo Weather as the default weather app.

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Like the app for iPad, only thing I like to see is the clock be bigger or adjustable to different sizes.