New Year's Resolution: Review your social network privacy settings

What better New Year's resolution to start with than to check out all your in-app privacy settings, especially where Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are concerned? We know how it goes; you get a shiny new iPhone or iPad app and you just want to use it so you log in through Twitter of Facebook or Google because it's easy, quickly tap through all the set up pages, granting who knows what permissions and for how long, and then forget about it the moment the next shiny app comes along. thinks you should take a few moments to review your settings, revoke or reduce access for those apps that no longer need full, free access to your personal, sometimes private data, and get 2012 off on a saner, more socially secure start.

(I just did mine and I was startled how many old apps still had access to my stuff.)


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Rene Ritchie

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New Year's Resolution: Review your social network privacy settings

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If it weren't for Tap zoo I would have never reactivated my Facebook account. I'd close it again but then I won't be able to see other people's zoos. :-/