Apple announcing iPhone 5S, perhaps iPhone 5C, on September 10


Apple will be announcing their next generation iPhone - what most people are calling iPhone 5s for convenience sake - at a special event on Tuesday, September 10, 2013, and possibly the less expensive iPhone - rumored to be called iPhone 5c - along with it. Ina Fried of AllThingsD broke the news:

Apple is expected to unveil its next iPhone at a special event on Sept. 10, sources told AllThingsD.

And based on iMore's own sources, that's exactly right.

Last year's iPhone 5 was announced on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 and shipped on Friday, September 21, 2012. The previous year's iPhone 4S was announced on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 and shipped on Friday, October 14. So, if Apple holds to the same pattern as the last two years, and launches the second Friday following the announcement, that'd put the release on Friday, September 20.

That also means, again based on previous patterns, we might just see the iOS 7 Gold Master on September 10 as well, as Apple typically announces final developer builds at the event, with the general release on or around Wednesday, September 18, to give some breathing room before the new product lands.

No word on new iPads or iPad minis for this event, but given last year they shared the stage with new Macs in October, that's not a surprise. Last year's iPhone event did include new iPods, however, so we'll have to see on those.

For iPhone, everything is set. Just under 6 weeks and counting.

Source: AllThingsD

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Reader comments

Apple announcing iPhone 5S, perhaps iPhone 5C, on September 10


If the 5S is released anytime less than 24 months after the 4S, a lot of 4S owners won't be at the end of their upgrade cycle yet. That could be problematic.

If you bought a 4S when it was released October of 2011, You have been elgible for an upgrade since May of 2013. I know this cause one of my lines was used for 4S and I have been elgible for a fully discounted upgrade since May and waiting to use that upgrade for 5S since my own line was used for an upgrade last September :)

I don't know about other carriers, but with AT&T an upgrade can come at any time and varies based on a few factors, including the cost of your monthly bill and who carries the bulk of the use (and cost) on family plans. The typical upgrade comes 18-20 months after the contract is signed.

iMore and All Things D were spot on with the announcement last year. No reason to think you guys will be wrong this time. Can't wait.

If I can somehow upgrade or sell my iPhone 5 for a good price, I'm all in! Can't wait for the finger sensor, but I think it'll have to take more than that to really peak my interest.

Rogers in Canada told me if this is true, people that bought the iPhone 5 last October will not be able to upgrade to the iPhone 5S so why does Apple release a phone every 6-10 months

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Uhm… it says right in the article it is once per year, not 6-10 months.

And perhaps, just perhaps, that there are iPhone 4s and 4 owners that bought two or more years ago out there that might want to upgrade.

Why does Samsung release a new phone every month or two? Or Sony? Or LG? Nokia? Because they're a company who wants to make money. Apple is actually the slowest OEM at offering new hardware. The upgrade issue is with the carrier, as it is with all other OEM's. Not with Apple.

Nothing's stopping a person from buying a new iPhone and selling their previous model, thereby making the upgrade cost only $200-300 or so...

(Myself, I buy unlocked phones so that I don't have to worry about contracts, etc.)

...and nobody says people with a iPhone 5 can't upgrade... they just can't upgrade with a subsidized phone. If they want a new phone they can purchase one.

Many people just don't care about upgrade time limits they just want the latest and greatest as soon as they can, I'm one of those guys. I bought the SGS2, SGS3, Note 2 and then the iPhone 5 all in just a short time and you can bet I will buy the new iPhone as well. My point I'm hardly the only guy that is just a tech nut that just likes new devices. Bring on the new iPhone, sooner the better. I have lost my mind.

I have a 4S and am so looking forward to dumping AT&T and switching to T-Mobile, so yeah, I'm excited. My contract is up in Oct., though, so it will be fun to see this all play out by then.

Any idea what the new hardware might have for changes? Some say upgraded camera and maybe more ram? Any inside information???

I heard that it will be using the WebOS that died about 5 years ago with updated icon designs. WebOS is really great and finally iPhone users will be able to do multitasking not the current close and open another and close and open another application thing.

It's not webos and that's a good thing. multitasking is virtually unchanged in practice. all they do is give you an screen image added to the icon and allow you to swipe up to close. But apps still stay open. you don't need to close them. you still hit home button, and all the other thousand more important things in the OS are still ios. Webos was garbage, slow, no apps, pointless upgrades. It died cause nobody wanted to buy it over 3 years. I had a pre for years. worst phone experience ever. Good riddance. I used ios 7 beta 4. It's NOT webos. i'm not fond of the flat look but like all ios and unlike webos it's also not slow.

There are a number of inaccuracies here but I'll just focus on "you don't need to close [apps]." I've been hearing this for years and only recently has the most-die hard proponent of this os philosophy finally given it up. Closing apps and rebooting devices DOES make a difference in performance. Sometimes doing one or both of those options makes a huge difference, with consistency. It's not just for show.

There's no misinformation. the apps on an iphone aren't running off screen unless designed to like music. they close themselves. No it doesn't matter. And it doesn't effect performance to manually close everything.

There is also a report out that gives more detail about the fingerprint reader. The Home button will become concave, instead of convex, to accommodate the fingerprint sensor; and will be made of sapphire to resist scratches.

Will not be upgrading this cycle. Waiting for the iPhone 6. And the Retina iPad mini :)

No, a better camera and a hello kitty theme on an iPhone 5 is a sad thing. Apple needs to do more than that because there is this thing called competition that is hell bent on beating them.


Besides perhaps a bigger-screen model (iPhone MAX?), or a less expensive model (iPhone 5C?), better security (like a fingerprint reader), better camera (they always upgrade that) and perhaps some software features, what do you think needs to get added to the iPhone? I don't need all the little gimmicky things I see in some other phones, like hovering over the screen to scroll, or to have it 'always on' so it can listen for my next voice command. The only time I want to use voice activation is in the car, when I'm driving. I don't talk out loud to my phone at home or at work. I don't need wireless charging - that's just a gimmick that substitues a charging pad for a cradle that charges 10 times slower and adds weight to my phone. I don't need a can-opener on my phone, or a swiss army knife, or a pop-out keyboard. So what do you think the iPhone needs to 'compete' as you say?

I would rather have Apple take the time to add the things people REALLY need and that make sense in the long run than to add a bunch of gimmicks to 'try and look cool'.

I was hoping for an OS update that isn't a gimmick, I don't give a rats ass about "looking cool", which is what they did with iOS 7, I guess neons and pastels are the latest fad amongst the hipsters Apple is trying to impress. I think it looks worse than hideous. And I don't expect Apple to have to try to out Samsung, Samsung. There are always going to be hardware innovations they can add to phones, a minor spec bump to the camera, and a useless gimmick fingerprint scanner is sad. I've never used a passcode lock so the fingerprint scanner would be just another useless gimmick to "try and look cool" as you say it. Motorola tried it with the Atrix, what a success THAT was!!!

Upgrades to the camera are always welcome, but I suspect the 5S will just be a marginal upgrade over the 5, fingerprint scanner is a gimmick, iOS 7 has sacrificed all of the elegance and ease of use the iPhone is famous for for a gimmicky, brash, ugly new design brought to us by their marketing team.

I know anything Apple does is considered "innovation", and anything the competition does is a gimmick, but in the land of people who just desire the best device, no matter who makes it, this supposed 5S is looking pretty weak now that they trashed the OS and replaced it with a garish, worst-in-the-industry operating system. iOS 7 is the clown car of operating systems, and a spec bump to the camera and a useless fingerprint scanner will not fix it or catch up to the competition.

With the look of your face, you don't know what's UGLY and what's not ;)

Try an iPhone mate, you just sound like don't have any. If it's true, you can buy the affordable one this fall ;)

Wow, that was incredibly rude and no, just putting a smiley face at the end of a slam does not make it all right. Bad form.

And you don't know of the classic Indian Thriller >

I'm on my third iPhone, started with a 3G, then a 4, and now a 5, as I type from my Mac. I love apple as a company and what they've done, just not happy with the way they've taken iOS. And of course, they could come out with a radical new iPhone 6 in the Fall, nobody outside of Apple knows, these are just rumors. So people shouldn't make too much of them..

Apparently you haven't paid attention to any article ever about iOS 7? Most of the core apps have tons of new features, and beyond that there's shitloads of stuff for devs and third party apps. The new look, which has gotten so much attention, is such a small portion of what's new in iOS 7, lol.

Features matter little when they are hard to use, and look like crap, end of discussion.

Besides, it's mostly a new coat of paint, the springboard is still nothing more than endless rows of static icons, very very ugly icons at that.

@Redbeard........By your comments it is safe to assume you own an iPhone, are a developer AND are using iOS7 beta...........or am I wrong? As I know you would never make such comments without using or owning the product.

Kind of like the guy who would never write a review on a car they have never driven. Unless you have enough insight to comment on the upcoming 2018 Ford Mustang.

Yes I own several iPhones, and I do not need to be a developer to have an opinion, I know only positive gushing praise is accepted by the Apple faithful, but I will speak my mind and I can do so without being a developer. Tough cookies if you don't like it.

Your second paragraph makes no sense, and ironically, while I do not know anything about a 2018 Mustang, I do know about next years all new one, designated a 2015 model, and no, I can't share any details about it with you.

Congrats - you missed my point completely. And many people running iOS7 beta have not been "gushing praise" about the new OS as there are plenty of critics out there.....including here, however their opinion seems valid to me since they have actually used it.

And to my second paragraph, I just find it odd you have an opinion ( which you are allowed to have, BTW ) on something you have not yet used, and your judgement is simply based on looking at screenshots of icons.

Me, I have been using iOS7 beta since v.2 and it is a nice change, especially on the esthetic side. To each his own.

Just curious what makes ios the "clown car" of operating systems? Give me 5 good, verifiable points that support this compared to the other big three.

It's all about the looks, and in using this childish, overly simplistic, pastel theme on iOS 7, they've gone for form over function, which many top developers have been complaining about. But for some reason, nobody wants to hear it, guess everyone will find out for themselves once the public release happens.

Here is a link for you that details some of the many problems with iOS 7, serious usability problems, lack of attention to detail, and glaring ugliness.

Couple more

While other operating systems have their issue's, at least they don't look like they were designed for 3 year olds with ADD, iOS 7 just looks BAD.

I will concede on the look and the the flow of the different icons and their looks. For example, I too have considered that that having a camera icon that looks like a colorful old school Blackberry camera app icon on the same device as photo app icon that looks like a multicolored sunflower does not work. I thought you were talking more about iOS being functional as far as so many things that it is capable of as an app ecosystem. I have faith that some of this will get changed in the final cut this fall. Going a new direction on an OS revamp (not redesign) will have its issues but I know that they will iron out over time.

I don't think that the features on the new Moto X are gimmicks. Now, some of the Samsung stuff, I will agree, but the new X features are really useful.

Well iPhones has always been about gimmicks... e.g. every different ring tone is a new app, retina screen with low resolution is a gimmick, I mean how many different angles are you going to look at your phone from?

Translucent screen so that you can see the background is obviously a gimmick anyway. Having hundreds of thousands of apps but only a small handful is usable is also another gimmick, I have to say that this gimmick is also being used by the Android and Blackberry OS as well.

Yes! Particularly for iOS 7! Not planning on hardware upgrade this time around, but iOS7 is one of the sweetest things to come along for a long time

Think though, Ios updates are supposed to be big but they never turn out to be big. There just little improvments that is making them go farther behind.

So stick to BB, apparently you're a "fan forever" so no need to worry about there? Please think before you hit that "submit comment" button bruh

No. Still to small for browsing the web, once I gone for 4.7 inch nexus 4, I hate going back to iPhone's tiny screen (of course, I have even smaller iPhone 4S and iPod Touch 5G. Never ever enjoyed browsing web on these)

I personally think the Iphones are going towards Beauty And Looks over Power. I would want a phone that can get stuff done quick, Not take my phone and move the Background around. If you have enough time to move a background on your phone, you have to much time on your hands. Dont get mad because of my opinions But i think Apple is Making a Crap phone and a useless phone except for Gaming. I dont see what they have Innovated in the Past year now and this IOS 7 Looks like Windows, blackberry, And Android.

You know, Calling someone a retard is childish. Grow up and Blackberry is faster than IOS. I have my opinions and you have yours. Go try a Blackberry 10 device and you will be blown away.

This is good news!

If the rumours are true and the iPhone 5C takes the place of the 4S at the lower price point I'm never getting an iPhone on contract again! It's a no brainer.

Still looking forward to getting the newest iPhone, even if it does come with a "Hello Kitty" design.

I can't wait! I have the 4, I love it but its time for an upgrade! Whoop whoop!

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"Cant wait for the iPhone 5C!!!" - Nobody

Seriously, why buy the 5C when the 5S is coming out right along side of it? LOL

Uh lots of Countries want the cheaper iPhone... In case you didn't know... Only in North America is the high end iPhone the cheapest it will ever be around the globe...

Other Countries have to pay nearly an equivalent to $1000 and that's just for a 16GB...

Which is why blackberry and android still dominate the market in South America, Asia and almost all of Europe...

Only in North America is the iPhone seeing extreme market share... Because It's affordable here...

Walk into a cell phone shop in my home Country (Colombia for example) and the salesman will say blackberry for $300 (approximate conversion) or iPhone 5 for $1000...(if you want higher storage add $100s more)

Hmm I'm not rich so I would choose a blackberry...

When apple releases this budget iPhone... They will grab that audience and make a huge market share world wide

The 4S and the iPhone 4 or only marginally cheaper in 3rd world countries. We're talking $200 -$300 less

The apple brand is so hyped up in this countries as if its a major designing label like gucci or prada.

A $200 savings is no where near affordable to the $300 blackberry as mentioned above in my statement.

This budget iPhone could help those markets...

Would probably be priced somewhere in the $400-$500 (conversion) compared to the overpriced iPhones outside of the US

Giving a customer a window from $300 - $500 - $700 -$1000 gives huge opportunities to sell to budget customers in 3rd world countries or anywhere else around the globe that doesn't do subsidized contracts

But I am caught in the two year cycle where I only getting the hardware update but not a major software! Like with Siri and so on! Fingerprint I don't care so much same like Siri but a bigger screen is my next big thing! 4.2 is awesome but think iPhone 6...

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re: "...what most people are calling iPhone 5S for convenience sake..."

Maybe Apple will drop the numbers entirely this year, as in:
"the new iPhone" - iPhone 5 form factor, misc component upgrades, fingerprint sensor
"the all-new iPhone C" - iPhone 5 components (mostly), plastic enclosure

Well I am excited to see what apple iPhone update gonna be this time around.. I'm not as excited for the iPhone 5s or whatever they are comi out with but just the new official iOS in general.. And not everyone like to update their phone every time a new one is released and me going from a 4 to a 5 last year I'm pretty happy and most likely I am gonna wait for a 6 I can use my iPhone 5 another year or so

An announcement on September 10? Sure. But did Apple announce this? Did Apple indicate there would be an iPhone announcement? I guess we'll have to wait and see. Maybe they will call it "The new iPhone". As for the 5C, that's likely to go to the developing nations, perhaps even China, although China Mobile isn't expected to carry it, are they?

There is always be a big surprise on these events so what is it this time? I am always wrong so this time I will say we see a iPhone 5s lol

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Yep. Patiently waiting to upgrade my wife's and my 4S. Definitely looking forward to this announcement. Recently got an iMac, hope I don't regret not waiting. When is the Pro expected to be announced?