Your next pull-to-refresh could pull in an ad too

Advertising provider Appsfire has a new ad unit, but this one's not always going to be in your face: if only appears when you pull to refresh. Dubbed "Brichter-San", after the Loren Brichter, creator of the pull-to-refresh gesture, the ad unit is hidden until a user performs the gesture. The ads are native, and right now purely focused on apps, and pull their content all from Appsfire's servers.

When you pull down to refresh, the app inserts an ad above the loading animation. Because it's natively coded, developers can customize how the ads are displayed to better suite their apps. Once the content is updated, the ad stays in place, though with a dismiss button.

If you happen to tap on an add, what you get is just like Appsfire's other ads: a recreation of the App Store listing for the advertised apps. Those app listings open over the app you're using, and a tap of the cancel button makes it go away. It's good to see more creative ways to display advertising in apps, especially since this won't be overwhelming users with ads all the time. Though it could be annoying to have an add appear and need dismissing every time you pull-to-refresh an app.

Source: Appsfire; Via: TechCrunch

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Your next pull-to-refresh could pull in an ad too


As long as the apps offer a paid option to remove the ads, I'd be okay with this implementation.

Rene, we exchanged with Loren and took the time to respectfully inform him about this prior to the launch.

I believe he likes the work, although we clearly disclose he does not endorse it (and he should not). There is no plan to change the product in any way, except improving it - we also have a provisional patent on it. We just wanted to credit the inspiration to his name at our launch phase. But to avoid any confusion in attribution we have already decided that the commercial name will be different (The "Udon Noodle") in order to align with all our other ad product who have sushi names

Hope this gets this straight.

ps: @derek you have a typo on " If you happen to tap on an add"

Thanks for so proudly explaining why millions of users hate you and your stinking frickin ads.
Apps with ads on my mobile devices are known as deleters...they get dumped.

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Less annoying than you. And better than supporting your type.
Notice the lack of love everyone displayed for you here?

Let s be clear here. We all know too well. Ads always sucked and will always suck. we don t pretend to change that. But in a world where free services exist (like this blog or an app) the people behind it have to make money to enable people like you to enjoy them. We don t pretend to suddenly make ads a delight, like Steve Jobs once believed. We don t think it is possible. Ads are always about interrupting something.

But what we hope is that our innovations will make them suck a little less: not just for users (by giving them for example control to remove ads...) but also for publishers by giving them a way out of the typical UX compromise they make when they include ads in their (nice) apps.

So yeah. Hate is around, but from what we read in many places lots of Love too. And that s what matters to us


Ouriel Ohayon

I don't mind Ads if they provide value in some way. That said, the marketing video seems to think I should be happy about this brilliant new way of wasting my time...and I'm just not feeling it.

I'd much rather the ads be placed inline with content. I would be irritated if a conscious action (pull to refresh) only served me up an annoyance instead of information that I wanted. I couldn't tell from the video if this ad was in-place of the content or in addition to the content. (If I got the data refresh *and* an Ad it would annoy me less.)

Edit: In the final example it does look like you get your content too, so it's less annoying. Maybe I've been programmed to hate all "hey we have an app, download the sucker" notifications (and full disclosure: I'm an app developer so there is some self-loathing in there too).

This is just unacceptable, at every turn we are bombarded with ads. I understand advertisers want to show their product but this force-feeding method is a bit much. It would not only turn me against their product but also against the hosting app that show these ads.

My Dad did it best years ago every time a commercial would come on he'd mute the sound on the tele.

this has been happening in the twitter app for nearly two years now. I had to lecture them in a 25-tweet rant about how idiotically stupid it is to pollute a users timeline with bullshit ads and they turned it off in my feed. I have not one ad anywhere on my twitter page both desktop and mobile no matter how many pull-to-refreshes i do. They're cool that way. I thanked them a few times.

At least it isn't like other ads where you are reading a story and press a link a full page ad pops up. Or when switching pages another full page ad pops up. I wouldn't mind this as much If I get more screen for games instead of having the ad appear on the bottom and constantly clicking on em by accident.

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