Youtube update adds video quality selector on WiFi

After pushing out an update to Maps, Google has also updated the YouTube app for for iOS today with a much requested new feature. When connected to WiFi, you're now able to select the quality of the video you're watching manually as well as setting auto-select.

Aside from this, there's also additional improvements to iOS 7 compatibility, and accessibility improvements as well. Grab it for yourselves from the App Store now.

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Youtube update adds video quality selector on WiFi


Long awaited feature. Too bad that you have to select quality for each individual video, rather than it be set for all videos.

Ummmmm what were the iOS 7 updates? Cause the keyboard is exactly the same!!!! Sick of seeing it say more iOS 7 improvements when it's exactly the same. Fail on not reporting this.

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Erm, the MN forums apps i think were updated for iOS 7, but they still have the old keyboard. Many companies that updated their apps to iOS 7 still have the old keyboard.

If an app shows the old keyboard it means that it was compiled for iOS 6 in Xcode.

Many companies pushed "updated for iOS 7" updates that were actually bug fixes on iOS 6 apps for better compatibility with iOS 7 or simply removing some textures/gloss and call it a redesign, even though the apps are compiled for iOS 6 and can't use any of the new APIs and UI elements.

Why not quality control over Carrier Data like the 3rd party YouTube apps. I have real unlimited Data and watch YouTube apps on the job site at lunch. The quality over Carrier data just sucks even when getting over 30mb down. That is why I use ProTuber, best YouTube app in my opinion.

i agree with you... they need to make quality control over carrier data so that if you are showing someone a video on youtube and you are not around wifi... they can actually see the clarity of iphones... they need to get this in soon!!

I deleted YouTube app because I started using McTube app... It had an iOS 7 look to the app before iOS 7 came out...

And it lets you select the resolution you want to view your videos on either cellular or wifi... No more pixel videos!!! Plus you don't have to select the resolution on every video!

My favorite feature of McTube is being able to listen to your YouTube videos in the background while using other apps.

Perfect for when you have a YouTube workout playlist or when you want to hear YouTube podcasts

That's a good option to have. I don't always like the auto selection of the quality of video.. Sometimes it takes awhile to render to HD. But I like how Google updated two of their apps on the same day! They are on it!

About freeking time! I'd often just use the web browser version because my video would randomly kick the quality down to 480 or 360p using the app for no good reason. Why did it take so long to implement what should have been a very basic feature?