Yurbuds at #CESlive: Cut the earbud cord, improve your workout

Yurbuds' new Bluetooth Sport Earphones connect wirelessly to your iPhone and feature medical-grade soft silicone tips that the company guarantees will stay in your ears. 15 mm drivers pound the sound, too. You can buy them now for $169.99. Also check out the Race Case, an iPhone case with a breathable silicone hand strap - so you don't have to worry about dropping your phone while you run.

Check out the video for more details, and make sure to stick around for the guy who tests out the headphones' ability to stay in place by doing a handless cartwheel.

Are these the sport earbuds you've been looking for? Sound off in the comments. And stick with us for more #CESlive coverage!

Peter Cohen

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asuperstarr says:

Really nice!!!!! Turbid really thought about how active users really use the accessories from the earbuds to the case. Really Nice! Really enjoying the product reviews. Quick and straight to the point. Great job!

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Master Jedi Alejandro says:

They actully look really cool.

The only physical activity I do is walk my dog, but wired headphones are still annoying as you have to route them under the mutipul layers your wearing (I live in Scotland, need I say more) and so often get pulled out of my ears if I'm not carful, or I end up with lose cable rubbing against my neck that I need for when I turn my head.

Any word on if and when their available in the UK?

NickyTerentino says:

I still would prefer the LG -730 over these and they are a lot cheaper

dannyd86 says:

I picked up novero rockaways nearly 2 years ago for 100$, just recently upgraded to some plantronics for 80$ from shop crackberry. Theres no reason to spend almost 200$ on these, all other options out there are very good products.

Becjr says:

These would be awesome for when out doing yard work and while playing guitar.

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zdn1042 says:

Wonder how does the earbud actually feel when worn. That's usually my problem with earbuds, can't find the ones that feels really comfortable in my ear.

Georgia says:

Most earbuds I find exceptionally uncomfortable but the Yurbuds were so comfortable and fit so well you could barely tell they were in. They also did not move at all when I moved around.

Quite liked them.

zdn1042 says:

Good to know. Thank you, Georgia. Currently browsing through Yurbud's site.

rkevwill says:

Nice earbuds. Nice manicure Georgia :)

pattyltpattylt says:

I'd pay the pretty high price for these if they are comfortable and sound great. Think I'll wait and see what the reviews say. I've spent so much on various earbuds that seem to meet one of my requirements but not another. I've learned patience. Finally.

makya53 says:

Just ordered a pair, can't wait to not have headphones fall out during a workout. Also after awhile my apple buds stop working because there not sweat prof.

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d ha says:

I have the wired version, awesome products from these guys. They don't fallout!
Love 'em

m_thoroughbred says:

I want to know how they sound

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