ZAGG announces two new Bluetooth iPad keyboards, one with backlit keys

ZAGG announces two new Bluetooth iPad keyboards, one with backlit keysZAGG has announced a new duo of iPad keyboards at the ongoing IFA technology show in Berlin, Germany. The new keyboards are designed specifically for the new iPad and offer a new magnetic closing system which ZAGG claims protects the iPad screen from any scratches or smudges.

Different from the original ZAGGkeys accessory, the ZAGGkeys PRO and PRO Plus utilize an innovative magnetic closure to secure the iPad, and protect the screen from scratches and smudges. The patented keyboard design of both new products provides a natural typing experience in a compact layout, with dedicated function keys to operate specific iPad features. In addition, the ZAGGkeys PRO Plus features optional backlighting for full keyboard use without the need for another light.

ZAGG also announced three new gaming headsets, one designed specifically for mobile gamers. The Caliber Stealth has inline controls and everything you would need for gaming voice connection on the move. The new keyboards should be available direct from ZAGG by the end of September. The expected retail price for the ZAGGkeys PRO will be $99 but if you fancy a bit of back light action, the ZAGGkeys PRO Plus will set you back an additional $30 coming in at $129. Both products look extremely thin and do compliment the style of the new iPad. The question is, do you really need a keyboard for your iPad?

Source: Zagg

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ZAGG announces two new Bluetooth iPad keyboards, one with backlit keys


Is this essentially the same as the Logitech smart cover like keyboard? I thought Zagg and Logitech shared some products?

I have a Logitech/Zagg, it works wonderfully well, and the light from the iPad screen (especially the typically white screen of writing apps) lights up the keyboard just fine. Not sure I see the point of the backlight, but it does look cool.