Zagg gets rugged with new iPad keyboard case

Today Zagg announced the release of an extra-tough iPad case that comes with a backlight Bluetooth keyboard. The Rugged Folio offers a fully reversible layout, so you can prop up the iPad Air or iPad mini for watching movies, lay it flat to use in a standard tablet configuration, or arrange it so that you can type on the Bluetooth keyboard like a laptop.

The Bluetooth keyboard boasts two years of battery life and a magnetic hinge, so your iPad stays secure. There's plenty of rubber and polycarbonate padding on all sides, plus stainless steel on the bottom of the keyboard so you can get comfortable in just about any circumstance.

The iPad mini version is available now via AT&T and should followed up by the iPad Air model soon as well (though it costs $10 more). Anybody going on a camping trip that could use something like this? It sure looks like it could take a beating.

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Reader comments

Zagg gets rugged with new iPad keyboard case


Ugh, you still have to disconnect the top part to get to stand and reading mode. It looks like they've improved the keyboard significantly though. And the case appears to combine some of the features of their regular case and their cover. That's great as I thought the cover was much better and it's the one I use but it definitely isn't as secure as the case.

I like that though.. I often hate keyboard folios because I cannot detach the tablet.. There are times I want to ditch the keyboard for reading w/o the added weight of the keyboard/battery; and most times it's a pain to get them 'out' of the folio case..

To me, it's a good compromise. Sadly, I want to trade up when the new iPad comes out (touch id) so I'm going to wait.. make sure it's the same size.