ZEN & TECH 65: How to cope with panic attacks

ZEN & TECH is Mobile Nations' lifestyle podcast where we work on centering your inner geek and using technology to help reduce stress and live better lives. In today's episode, Georgia and Rene talk about panic attacks. They're natures fight or flight response gone wrong, and they can make you feel like you're going to die. So how can you handle them when they happen, and how can you reduce the chance and severity of future attacks?



While Georgia is a therapist, she's not YOUR therapist. Everything said or implied on this show is for informational and entertainment purposes only. And shouldn't be taken in any way as a replacement for proper, professional care.


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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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ZEN & TECH 65: How to cope with panic attacks


Hey! I used to suffer from panic attacks. I had a severe panic disorder for a full year. Every single day. I would go to the ER on a daily basis (thank god i live in Montreal or else i'd be poor lol) because I thought that i was legitimately having a heart attack every single day. It's the worst feeling. And i'be realized that my friends and family couldn't possibly understand what i was going through since they have not lived it for themselves. I was often hearing "snap out of it" and "calm down" but people don't realize that its easier said than done. I refused all medication and made huge changes in my life related to diet and I also quit smoking. Eventually, my panic turned to agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house).

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Anxiety/Panic was probably the hardest thing that I had to face im all my life. But I'm glad and consider myself lucky to have beaten it. Without meds. Instead, i forced myself to do things that made me happy. Things that my panic/anxiety/agoraphobia were keeping me from doing. And after i got out of my comfort zone and conquered my fears, I was free of attacks! Literally the hardest thing that i've ever had to do. But to all of you out there that don't think that there is a way out, THERE IS!! I'm living proof.

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the key, in my opinion, is to ACCEPT your condition. Anxiety/panic/agoraphobia..whatever it may be. Personally, at first, I didn't want to believe it was happening to me and that I had a mental health issue. But only once I accepted it was when I was able to conquer it.

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Great episode guys! Very informative. Georgia, you give some awesome advice. This would have been very handy for me 3 years ago! So anyone who is suffering from attacks is very lucky that you decided to do an episode on this topic :)

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Thank you so much for the feedback. It is something that just takes pieces of your life away and very few people really understand how debilitating it can be.

I am so lucky that I get to help people live the lives they deserve to live again. Your comments will let others know that they are not alone either.

Thank you

Absolutely!! It's my pleasure!! I would do anything that I possibly can to help anyone understand what anxiety and panic can do. Both mentally and physically. And the reason why I commented and wrote part of my story was because not a lot of people are open about their situations. This way, everyone out there can see that i'm just a normal guy thats just sharing my story in hopes to help others realize that they are definitely not alone and, more importantly, that THERE IS A WAY OUT. And if I can do it, anyone out there can as well. I've also recently decided that I would like to do volunteer work to help others in need! Georgia, if you know of any organization in the Montreal/West island area that could use my help, please don't be shy and forward me the info!! alex.chahmirian@gmail.com

I'd love to be able to take part in something helpful and since i've lived through anxiety and panic, why not put my experience to good use!

Take care and thank you again for the wonderful and informative video!!


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