Zeptolab announces Cut the Rope 2, hitting the App Store this holiday season

Zeptolab, developers of the smash hit Cut the Rope series of games has announced a proper sequel to the original. The imaginatively titled Cut the Rope 2 is set to hit the App Store during this years holiday season, meaning we're a couple of months away from getting our hands on it.

While there have been two follow up games to the original – Cut the Rope: Experiments and Cut the Rope: Time Travel – the new game will be a full on sequel, promising all new game physics, graphics and a brand-new experience. There's not much else to go on at this time, but we're fans of the original so we're very much looking forward to seeing what Cut the Rope 2 has to offer. Anyone else excited for this?

Source: Pocket Gamer

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Reader comments

Zeptolab announces Cut the Rope 2, hitting the App Store this holiday season


I hope the game will be having 2 versions:
One with the free version with 32 levels instead of the very limited 16 or the free version will be social-based or free to play like where's my water 2. (With conversion to full version for unlimited gaming for a fair price like $0.99)
And the another will be the full paid version, which it must be sold for 0.99$ universally.

It is only my speculation and it is not final.