Update: Maybe Zippo Didn't Steal His Lighter App?

A few days back we mentioned how a developer claimed that his lighter application was blatantly ripped off by the lighter company Zippo. As you all know, there are always two sides to every story, eh... in this case 3 sides. Well TiPb received comments not only from Zippo but from Moderati as well.

Here is what Zippo had to say:

Zippo was approached by three different companies interested in developing our branded app for iPhone and the iPod touch at approximately the same time last summer. We evaluated each proposal and chose to pursue the opportunity with the partner that we determined to offer the best app, the best capability and that also shared our vision for the app's distribution plan (including free download) and process. We’re confident that we partnered with the company, Moderati, that was best able to deliver the product that Zippo wanted. To make it clear, neither Zippo nor Moderati stole the idea for this app.

Shortly after I was contacted by Zippo I received a comment from Moderati as well:

Hi from Moderati - where we've been developing virtual concert lighters for mobile phones for a long time...in fact, check out this link in Wireless Week from 2005, when the iPhone was probably just a twinkle in Apple's eye: http://www.wirelessweek.com/wallpapers-with-a-purpose.aspx

So there you have it folks. We now have 3 sides to this story. Who's side will you be standing on?

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Reader comments

Update: Maybe Zippo Didn't Steal His Lighter App?


I am sorry but where is this free lighter app that zippo is referring to? Also I wonder how it's possible for three individual people to think up such a useless app independantly of eachother

The Zippo app is great, but I thought from day one that it's ridiculous to get upset at them for making a free app......I figured Zippo got a few callers on makin' the app.

Hmm, I still stand by my claim that they ripped me off completely. Zippo made two points in their response above. 1. They chose the best app - Hmm, ours easily is the highest quality if you actually download and compare the two. 2. They chose the other company because they wanted to release it for free - Well, thats the same offer we gave them too. To me its clear that they just chose the lowest bidder and strung us along to find out what features we were going to include and to delay us. If Zippo would have told us that there was competition and that they had to make a decision I could respect them for that, but the fact that they strung us along deliberately and told us nothing is shameful.

Therein lies the issue with "news" and blogs/internet today.
We rarely get the real scoop from all angles.
Journalists - does anyone remember them - used to research a story and then report it and let us decide with a fairly well-balanced approach.
Today, it's all "I posted first" half-assed "research" and we end up the losers.
Not speaking to TIPB specifically - I appreciate the followup.
Problem is, we rarely see this online...

I keep having problems with my zippo app on my iPhone . It keeps closing before I can use the liter. I tried to redownload it but it still does the same thing. Help please. My brothers iPhone has no problem with it.