10 years ago today Apple shipped iTunes for Windows, and hell froze over

10 years ago today iTunes shipped for Windows. Slightly more than 10 years ago, an argument rippled through the ranks of Apple over whether or not to do just that - to make their new music platform accessible to their rival's all-but-eclipsing computing platform, or to keep Apple's iPod unique to Apple's Mac. Chris Fralic excerpting from Max Chafkin's Design Crazy:

We argued with Steve a bunch [about putting iTunes on Windows], and he said no. Finally, Phil Schiller and I said 'we're going to do it.' And Steve said, 'F--k you guys, do whatever you want. You're responsible.' And he stormed out of the room." - John Rubenstein

I always figured iTunes for Windows was revenge for Office Mac, but history has shown the incredible benefits that came from that decision: Dominance of the digital music industry and a gateway to the most profitable business Apple has ever known, the iPhone and iPad.

Not a bad thing to be responsible for, is it?

Source: Design Crazy via Chris Fralic, Daring Fireball

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