1.3 million Apple TV units sold, still considered a hobby?

During Apple's Q3 conference call today Apple announced that they had sold 1.3 million Apple TVs for a total of 4 million. This figure is up 173% from last quarter even though many are still considering the Apple TV to be a hobby device.

The Apple TV, which got updated with support for full 1080p this year, has made its way into many homes so far but still doesn't have the market penetration Apple's other product lines do. When asked why Apple would produce a hobby device for the sake of hobbies, Cook responded that he doesn't think the numbers are insignificant unless compared to other iOS devices.

Do it because they think it will lead them somewhere. 4 million isn't small, just small compared to iOS devices. Lots of believers.

The first generation Apple TV was anything but a huge success. It wasn't until the 2nd generation Apple TV came out that people seemed to start taking it as a serious contender when it came to content consumption. If you compare the current and 2nd generation Apple TV to other contenders like Roku, the numbers look better. Apple managed to sell a little over 2 million Apple TV units last year while their competitors managed to just hit the 1.5 million mark before year's end.

Of course these numbers won't stack up to devices such as the iPhone and iPad which have a much larger market but compared to other competitors in the industry, the Apple TV seems to be holding its ground rather well.

As content becomes more readily available online, it will be interesting to see if Apple expands what is available for purchase or streaming on the Apple TV. How many of you have one or more Apple TVs in your home currently? If not, do you use something else?