1Password 4 for iPhone and iPad has received its first significant update since its release and includes many improvements for sync, security, vault and web modes, search, secure notes, and more.

Dropbox and iCloud syncing have been improved in the new 1Password 4.1 and there also also been new support for USB sync utility added. There has also been a few changes made in the Security Settings and a new Display Settings section has been added that allows users to choose from four different fonts for passwords and toggle whether you wan to conceal your passwords or show rich icons for each of your logins.

The new Vault Mode in 1Password 4 has also been improved with new gestures and navigation. Now you don't need to tap-and-hold on rows in the item detail view to display the menu (you just simply tap, instead) and on the iPad, tapping the tab icon twice will take you to the root view.

Agiles Bits have also squashed some of the bugs in Web Mode and added an option to copy the current URL. Additionally, search has been improved by always showing the search bar and on the iPad, you can search for items in portrait orientation. Attachments will now also be shown in Secure Notes.

What do you think of this update to 1Password 4? Was something you were hoping for overlooked?

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