1Password 4 for Mac hasn't long been with us, but the folks at Agilebits are now pushing out version 4.1, something they're calling "the little big update." Top of the order is something they've wanted to include for sometime:

Now with 1Password 4.1 for Mac, when you update your password at a website (ideally using our Strong Password Generator!), our new save dialog has the option to create a new login or “Update existing Login.” If you have more than one Login for the site, you can choose which Login to update. Toss in the ability to tag and add this Login to a folder on-the-fly, and this is pretty much the greatest way to create new Logins and update them down the road when the need arises.

There's also a new Top Item List layout, printing for individual records or your entire password vault, search by title option for finding your records, WiFi sync fixes and more besides.

The latest version is available to download from Agilebits' website right now, and is currently awaiting Mac App Store approval for anyone that needs to update this way. For more, head on over to Agilebits at the link below.

Source: Agilebits

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