1Password 5 for iPhone and iPad goes freemium, brings iOS 8 support

1Password has been updated to version 5 today with support for iOS 8 and many of its new features, including for extensions, as well as Touch ID. Additionally, 1Password is also embracing the freemium model, giving users a basic set of features

You can now sign into 1Password using Touch ID, without the need to use your master password. This makes opening the app faster than before. You can also use Touch ID to unlock the 1Password extension in Safari and other apps.

1Password for iOS 8 also brings with it an extension. You will now be able to find the action extension on the bottom half of the share sheet within an app. To activate 1Password's action extension, bring up a share sheet, swipe on the bottom half, and hit the More button. You will see the option to turn 1Password on. Switch it on, then press it when you need to log into something.

Third-party apps can also take advantage of the extension to bring up the specific login information that an app needs. Pressing the 1Password lock icon in an app that supports the extension will bring up the required login credentials, without the need to sort though your vault to find what you need.

The freemium model is new for 1Password, and free users can do a lot with the app before needing to pay. You can create and edit Logins, Credit Cards, Identities, and Secure Notes for free. If you pay the one-time in-app purchase, you get access to the rest of the categories, along with multiple vaults, folder and tag organization, custom fields, and more.

1Password 5 is available for free from the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and can be downloaded right now.

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