1Password 6 helps you make strong passwords that are easy to type

1Password, which lets you manage all of your passwords and more in one place, has hit version 6 on iPhone and iPad. This is a significant update, with the app adding not only a refreshed look, but support for new features in iOS 9, along with passwords that are easier to type, yet still very secure.

While some of the flashy new features surround iOS 9 support and the new blue look, the most important update with 1Password 6 concerns your security. With 1Password's new Diceware Password Generator, the app will now generate passwords that are easier to type, yet still long and secure. Passwords will be formed from a mix of randomly chosen real words, resulting in passwords like "cellist-dander-signify-esteem-elver".

As far as iOS 9 is concerned, there are two prominent, user-facing updates. First, 1Password supports the new Spotlight search, allowing you to find a particular vault item without needing to enter 1Password first. Tapping the search result will take you straight to that item in the app. Second, 1Password now supports the slide over and split-screen multitasking views on supported iPads. The app also features improved landscape rotation support.

On the Apple Watch, 1Password has added support for more categories. You can now access your passports, wireless routers, driver's licenses, Social Security numbers, and bank accounts right on your wrist. You can also now lock the Apple Watch app by Force Touching the display and selecting the Lock button.

1Password 6 is available to users as a free update, and you can download it from the App Store now.

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