1Password for iOS adds Wi-Fi sync, more

1Password for iOS has been updated, adding a few new features, including Wi-Fi sync, along with some improvements and fixes. Wi-Fi syncing lets you sync your 1Password data between your Mac and your iOS device directly.

To initiate Wi-Fi syncing, open up 1Password on your iOS device and tap Settings, then Sync, and choose Wi-Fi Sync. On your Mac, open 1Password 4 and under the Window menu, click Wi-Fi Sync, and a window will pop up with a secret code. Enter the code in 1Password for iOS to enable Wi-Fi syncing between the two devices.

A couple of smaller additions also made their way into this update. Custom icons added to items on the Mac will be shown in 1Password for iOS. Additionally, you can now change the user agent for the app's built-in 1Browser. You can pick between 1Browser, Safari for iPhone, iPad, or Mac, Chrome, and Firefox.

1Password for iOS now has better support for iOS 7. The performance of iCloud sync has been improved when turning it on. Search performance has also been improved, and diagnostic information can be emailed as an attachment. As for fixes, there are several. Visual problems with search results in iOS 7 have been corrected. Syncing issues with iCloud and Dropbox have also been fixed. There were a few crashing bugs that have been seen to, and a bug that made it impossible to change an items name is also gone.

The update can be downloaded right now from the App Store.

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