1Password's iOS 8 extension already supported by 100 developers

AgileBits has announced that their upcoming iOS 8 extension for 1Password is now supported by over 100 apps. The updates for the apps supporting the extension, as well as 1Password itself, will be available when iOS 8 ships later this year. In the meantime, AgileBits has previewed twenty of the apps that will ship with support for the extension.

From AgileBits:

We can't share the full list of developers yet (we just cracked 100!). But we can show you nearly 20 apps that are already working on integrating 1Password's iOS 8 App Extension for fast, one-tap logging in and even updating your passwords!

The 1Password iOS extension allows users to fill in login credentials and other details in apps that support it. In addition to login items, the extension allows you to fill in credit card details, identities, and more. You can even use 1Password's strong password generators to help increase your security. Some of the apps already taking advantage of the extension include Slack, Twitterrific, and banking app Simple.

If you want to know more about action extensions like 1Password, be sure to read our overview of action extensions in iOS 8. Are you excited for the 1Password extension, and what other apps do you want extensions for? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: AgileBits

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