While most of us have installed the 2.0.1 update (or, ahem, are still waiting for a backup we started last night to finish so we can install it), there's a key group of folks that should stay away: Jailbreakers and unlockers. As is always the case when a new update comes out, our advice to these users is to wait and see how the iPhone hacking community responds. Right now, according to iphone-dev , they appear to be responding with a teensy bit of bravado:

We don’t see any major problems with the release that Apple made, but we have not released an update for PwnageTool for it as yet and therefore PwnageTool 2.0.1 will currently not work!

Their advice is pretty sound and mirrors ours: if you never intend on leaving your carrier, feel free to update away whenever if you don't mind losing jailbroken apps. If you do (or already have), stay the heck away from updates until things clear up.

What about you? Are you law-abiding and currently enjoying a bug-free existence? Jailbreaker glancing longingly at 2.0.1's reportedly better keyboard response? Unlocker living on the periphery of the cell phone 'Verse, staring into the black and in danger of becoming a Reaver? Let us know!