Last year Apple introduced a new product category with the original iPad, redesigned their signature handset with iPhone 4, refreshed the iPod touch, and unveiled the all new Apple TV 2.

This year they didn't introduce a new iPod touch -- though they did add white -- or Apple TV -- at least not yet. They also kept the same design for the iPhone 4S, but did make the iPad 2 thinner, lighter, and faster.

In addition to the new casing, iPad 2 got two new cameras (low-end as they may be), and was first to get the new, dual-core, Apple A5 system-on-a-chip.

iPhone 4S also got the powerful A5 SoC, a new, intelligently switching antenna, and a much better rear camera at 8mp and 1080p.

While visions of Retina display tablets, 4-inch phones, and full on televisions, this year you need to choose from what we got.

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