This is it kiddies, the night before the great Apple apocolypse plunges the western world into chaos. Already iPhone fanboys and gadget whores are camping out in front of Apple stores like street corner crack addicts at a methadone clinic. 24 hours before this six month long roller-coaster ride finally comes to stop - or derails...whichever happens first. I'm already feeling burned out from all the hype and drama this past week, it feels like I've been waiting in line since Monday sharing a seat next to Mr. iLoser - the flies and the hype are starting to get to me. So much so that iPhone has lost some of its luster in my mind. The mystery is gone. But not my excitement.

So, circumstances permitting, sometime tomorrow I will be heading off to an AT&T store to get my iPhone fix along with the rest of the tech crazed junkies in line. Whether I will return successfully or not remains to be seen and that thought scares the hell out of me. Waiting in line for an iPhone and coming home empty handed is one thing. Being the editor of one of the most popular iPhone blogs and coming home without an iPhone is disastrous! The possibility that my readers will get an iPhone long before me is a very real possibility. But enough of my whining.

Whatever happens, I want to wish everyone good luck tomorrow. Hopefully we will all manage to score an iPhone. Those of you that are successful in your quest, please feel free to send me your first impressions and photos to kentATgearboxmedia.net (replace AT with @). I would love to post your story. Have fun!